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I confess to being totally obsessed with travel accessories, and I probably have bought numerous toiletry bags in the past. But they ended up being too big or small to what I expected to carry on it or they were just overused and needed to be replaced, anyway.


This time, I have decided to try this portable travel wash one by Jordan & Judy with hanging hooks on it. I wanted something light-weighting, in a neutral colour and stylish at the same time.

“Jordan & Judy (referred to as “J&J”) is a creative design-based fashion brand. It focuses on innovative thinking and the modern design of products, upholding the spirit of innovation and change to create exquisite goods of value and a new fashion experience.

It aims to deliver an artistic atmosphere to modern families and provide a more interesting, beautiful and comfortable lifestyle”


More important than this, is a bag with plenty of room to fit all the products I need for a weekend away or a long-haul flight. I think I got it right here!

Packaging and delivery

It was delivered at record speed after my purchase, and the product arrived in an elegant bubble wrap envelope placed safely inside the usual Amazon carbon box.


I like the item’s attractive presentation with the Jordan & Judy’s explanatory tag, where we find all the important information about the product straight away. Simple and practical.



This is a toiletries bag made of durable nylon and it’s also water-repellent, which makes this product already a good value for money.


It’s also a sturdy bag that makes it easier to be handled in airport bathrooms and at your aeroplane seat as well. The sturdy ones seem to do the job quite well.

I like the neutral dark grey colour of this product too. Nothing against colourful travel bags, but makeup and other cosmetics products tend to leave a stain behind quite easily that sometimes are difficult to be removed from light-coloured bags. I feel like this one just got the right tone.


Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of having many rooms in travel bags to fit my products. But sometimes the over compartmented ones are not practical at all. It makes me anxious just to think that I need to carry more and more products to fill all 100 of those pockets.


This travel bag has different sections with zippers that accommodates the essential items. Only the essentials and I think that 3 or 4 layers are enough for me. Besides, the lack of plastic pockets makes this more stylish as well. I am avoiding all plastic products, anyway.

Its smalls compartments also help to keep the items organised and separated in a way that it’s easier to find them quickly when needed.


It’s a compact toiletries bag that fits perfectly in my handbag and luggage. The hanging hook is resistant, and it saves space when placed in small bathrooms, for example. Besides, it’s kept the items organised.


Overall, I quite like this toiletries bag. It’s compact, sturdy and stylish. I can’t wait to use this on my next long-haul flight this month and see how it handles a 10-days holiday!


*I received this product complimentary from Jordan & Judy for testing purposes.

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