AuCuTee Portable White Noise Machine

I’m a hectic person by nature. I like being multitask and I’m always trying to fit more and more to my daily routines. Result? I have no idea how to relax. I have got into yoga, meditation apps and other relaxation methods before, but my lack of concentration is too high sometimes.

So, I have decided to try this white noise machine to learning how “stop the clock” for a while. I know it works with babies, maybe it would be effective with anxious adults like me as well. Besides, I like its price. It’s not the most expensive white noise machine in the market.


Design and packaging:

First impression about the product is positive. It looks like a quality machine. It’s presented in an attractive box and packaged in a safe way. It’s always good to highlight it, especially with you have young children or curious pets around. The cables are protected in the box and the machine was covered with a resistant plastic.

The product was also delivered faster than I expected, and the parcel got intact at home too.


I also liked this product because it seems to be a perfect product to take with me on long-haul flights, for example. I do like listening to calm sounds when I am on an aeroplane, and I guess it could be another effective way of overcoming fears of flying to many people.


The quality of the sound when using it when headphones is impressive. You can eliminate external sound and focusing on the sound easily.

It’s a lightweight and discreet machine that can even be carried on my handbag.

I prefer its simple and compact design over bulky machines with many buttons that we end up having no clue how to use them. Besides, the instruction book guide us through all machine’s features and buttons, anyway. You don`t need to be techy to understand how to use it.


Features and usability:

There is an USB cable that makes my life easier when I need to recharge it while I am working. Everything I need to do is plugging it on my computer. This product can be also recharged through a power adapter.

I have been using this white noise machine for a while now in different periods of the day. It has helped me to relax not only before going to bed but when I am cooking or after teaching for long hours or when I need to relax on the bathtub.

It’s easy to carry around and fits anywhere in the house.


It has many different natural sounds to choose from and I don’t need to stick with the same ones all the time. Bless it! I confess not being keen on the lullabies, but my cat loves it. A winner with pets as well, maybe?

I like the way it keep it simple. It uses natural sounds that you are familiar with without having to search for apps or downloading files. Crickets, birds, thunderstorms and rain sounds are available any time I want it, on a simple click.

Besides, the auto-off time with 30, 60 or 90 minutes is another feature to be highlighted. I don’t like keeping any machine turned on for the entire night, so it has makes things so easier when I know it will turn off itself.

I usually time it for 30 minutes if I am about to sleep or I use it for longer period when I need a complete relaxation moment.


It has improving my sleeping pattern and it has been helpful to organise my relaxing time too. As soon as I see it next to my bed, I remember to use it.

The battery lasts longer than I expected. I didn`t need to charge it so far and I have been using it constantly for more than a week now.

Overall, I like this product because it’s a practical and quite straightforward machine. There is no difficult instruction to follow.

Unless you need a more sophisticated machine with Bluetooth and other extra features, it’s a very effective white machine to purchase for a reasonable price.

*I received this product complimentary from AuCuTee for testing purposes.

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