How technology is changing the workplace

When working in business over a number of years, employees will be aware of certain changes that can occur within the workplace. Today’s workplace is world’s away from the office environment of yesteryear, with technological advancements at the heart of its transformation.

It’s suggested that employees using technology in disruptive ways is driving the notion of ‘digital business’ and business models, markets and entire organisations are being transformed in the process.

To keep up with the demand for technology, employers must equip their businesses with tools and resources that employees can utilise to perform their job in the modern world. When it comes to internet access you can count on Talk Talk Business for a dedicated internet connection.

The changes we can expect in the workplace for years to come could include:

Increased communication

Technology has and will continue to increase the ways in which we communicate. We can now connect to any colleagues and employers any time, anywhere. Enterprise social media platforms are making their way into the workplace and are fast becoming the main method of communication.

Based on the traditional Intranet structure, platforms such as Slack and Workplace are a secure and interactive way for employees to access information, projects, and tasks in real-time whether in the office or on the road.

Flexible working

With the increase in employees who spend substantial amounts of time telecommuting, companies have begun to adapt offices to meet these needs. Hotdesks or shared desks are therefore being rolled out with businesses. A hot desk is a desk that can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Due to the rapid increase in technology and the introduction of shared drives and cloud resources, many businesses have integrated working from home into their office structure. Helping towards the increase in staff morale and productivity as they have the freedom to work around their commitments outside of the office.

It is apparent that technology is helping towards more efficient and productive businesses with great benefits being reaped by those who adopt a digital philosophy. This is set to stay for years to come and businesses must be ready to invest in order to stay ahead of their competition and see a real return.


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