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I have been trying many natural and vegan skincare products for a while now, and I confess been overwhelmed by loads of brands offering quality ethical health alternatives out there.


One of these many start-ups is Seatox – an organic seaweed skincare brand that takes sustainability and ethical products to another level.

I could spend the whole life talking about the benefits of seaweed to our life. It’s a powerful natural ingredient that has many users, from nutritional food to fertiliser and skincare treatment, of course.


Some of its benefits: exfoliates and cleanses the skin; anti-ageing, detoxes from harmful pollutants; brightens the skin and it’s an anti-inflammatory that helps acne and eczemas as well.


This way, it was easy to understand why I needed to approach Seatox to try some of their products. They can’t be wrong about the health and beauty benefits of this natural source, that in their case comes straight from the Irish coast. Nothing can be more natural than this!

Besides, Seatox is currently donating £1 from every sale to the Seal rescue Ireland, and the brand intends to have a £1 donation to a crucial ocean cause in the future when it grows its business.

It’s a brilliant initiative that brings impact to marine wildlife and enough reason for you know more about this brand, anyways.


They kindly sent me two products to try: The Kelp Help mask powder and the Selkie Smooth bath soak. Packaging is totally reusable and recyclable, and both products have well-explanative labels with all the information you need to know about them.

Kelp mask powder – how it works


I first tried the kelp mask powder, powerful and high in iron, iodine, retinol, magnesium and zinc. It’s known that kelp is a compelling anti-oxidant and one of the most nutritious vegetables in the planet. It’s also impressive to find out numerous ways of preparing this facemask combining other natural products on it.

Some good ingredients to mix on it? almond, jojoba, coconut, olive or Argan oil, aloe vera gel, honey, avocado, banana, etc.

My first mask had honey on it. I followed the instructions in the pack and the recipe is simple: 1 teaspoon of kelp with 3 tablespoons of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of honey. That was easy to be prepared and I loved the smell straight away. It has that seaside smells pleasant any time of the day.


The texture was something new to me. We are used to having sticky facemasks that is quite easy to be applied. This one wasn`t sticky in the first application, but I guess it was my inexperienced in combining the ingredients correctly.


My second mask experience was done with coconut oil and the texture was much better. Not so thick or so liquid. I think it takes a bit of time and some tries until you get it right anyway.

But I could feel the benefits of an anti-ageing, detoxing and skin renewing properties on my skin after using this seaweed mask. My face was smooth and moisturised. As I tent to have a lot of acne and eczema, I do believe it can be the right product to help me with my skin complaints.

The other great thing about it is I still can make several masks with a 100g package.



The Selkie Smooth bath soak – how it works

The second Seatox product to be tried was the wonderful bath soak. In the beginning, you may think that a simple seaweed bath won`t bring any benefit for your skin. I was sceptical for a while, to be honest. Until I read more about it and find out that seaweed bath can have the same benefits of Epsom salt and other spa treatments.


The procedure here is quite simple as well. Filling your bathtub with hot water and spreading the product on it is all you need to know here. The package contains one seaweed bath but the product can be used twice. Afterwards, it can be used as compost for houseplants, for example. Just brilliant!

The seaweed bath was relaxing and a rejuvenating soak. It’s a fresh and soft way to feel energised as well.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. Not only beneficial to my skin but also extremely important to the planet. We do need to bring more organic products like this to our lives. If you want to give it a try too, you can use the code BLOGGERGIFT for 10% off on the Seatox website! Enjoy!

*I received this product complimentary from Seatox for testing purposes. 


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