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It’s not a secret, shoes and bags can chance a women’s mood. But it also must come with some extra dash of style, of course. It’s not the average pair of sandals that will make you float. Literally.


Some people would choose beauty over comfort. Not me.  At the same time I was flattered to review one pair of shoes sent by XY London, I was also apprehensive because I have an extensive list to be checked when talking about shoe preferences. And comfort is always at the top of this list.


XY London is a leading online women’s shoe retailer based in Essex, UK. They have a huge variety of inspiring footwear on the website. From an impressive bridal collection to summer sandals and heels to every single occasion. Everything fitting our different styles and needs. Love it!

What firstly impressed me most about this brand was the fact they provide fashion designed shoes for affordable prices. I love my shoes, but I do need to pay bills too. So, nothing wrong about having the same quality pair of shoes without causing damage to our pockets. 😊


XY London shoes are made with high-quality material and trims, and the page is constantly updated with the top trends. There is always something new to be browsed and desired.

I was lucky enough to be invited to review one of XY London beauties. I do confess it was super difficult to choose only one pair. I wanted to go for so many different styles but if you can’t have everything, at least try to choose the right one!


I’m glad to have this opportunity. Plus, XY London has been supporting Young Women’s Trust– a charity that helps 16-30-year-old women on low or no pay in England and Wales to find work or a better-paid job.

It has supported 2,102 young women in 2017/2018, of those helped almost half were from the top third deprived households in the UK and 44% were unemployed. Meaning: it’s always great to have knowledge of a brand that helps women to build more than confidence.


They have contributed to the Young Women’s Trust by joining their Futures Fund. It’s a remarkable initiative that gives women value, choice and the confidence to walking tall in life!

After some (many) hours browsing the website, I have found a summery pair of espadrilles flatform sandals that instantly brought a smile to my face.


To be honest, it was the one that would perfectly fit on my trip to New York. So, I couldn’t miss the chance of trying them on in the city. Carrie Bradshaw style, of course.

First impressions – Material and fit

What I loved most about this pair of shoes was its quality material. It’s made with dense foam sole and it reminded me of the crafted summer shoes that we usually find in Brazil. It has an artisanal and delicate design that looked quality and comfy.


I just loved its timeless design and style, and a ruby tan/beige espadrille like this could make my (usually) monochromatic outfits stand out for good!

Secondly, they are walkable and fashionable shoes to wear on a warm weather. The fact it’s a flatform make things easier for a clumsy person like me. I couldn’t even imagine myself wearing platforms on a long day walking in any city, to be honest.


The Shoes, the city and the verdict

I knew it was a right pair of shoes to take with me as soon as I started packing. This is a quite light weighted footwear that didn’t take too much space in my luggage either. Bingo!

6The big test was passed with merit after sightseeing for long hours in the city. They say that the best way of knowing New York is walking around. So, I did. But I am talking about at least 10 miles walking a day. I know, crazy. But I made it with style and comfort! 😉

I put those espadrilles on to go for a wander in the Highline, West and Greenwich Village. By the way, it was wearing those shoes that I have visited Miss Bradshaw famous residence. It was magic, and it was done on the right shoes!

Despite being out and about the entire day, it was one of the most comfortable shoes I could pick for this challenge. No joke.

It adjusts well on my foot and didn’t slip out when walking. The flatform is sturdy and it did grips quite properly in all types of terrain. In general, it was a quite positive experience. It’s a comfortable, resistant and stylish pair of shoes that I would take anywhere else with me.

I spent lots of time standing up and it didn’t hurt my feet for a split second. I would purchase another pair of XY London shoes in the future. They offer affordable, durable and fashion designed footwear that fits every other women’s style.

* I received the pair of shoes by XY London for review purposes only.

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