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Time to pack and the first mission here was fitting both, mine and husband’s, clothes in one single suitcase.


The travel light game is always challenging. But this time, I tried harder to avoid the hustle and bustle of travelling overloaded taking with me some essential accessories travel accessories and gears that would make my life easier abroad. Here are some of my picks:

Packable bag


There are two things that you certainly do in New York: take a million photos and walk many miles. It’s simple like this. You will need hands free most of the time.

So, a durable, waterproof and the lightweight packable bag was the most useful item of this trip. I have taken my Life Venture everywhere in New York and it was the best decision taken.


This bag has zipped pockets that were perfect compartments to keep my wallet and metro cards, for example.

People don’t like wasting time in the subway, for example. The side pockets are fundamental to keep water and umbrella. Two essential items to have when walking in the city. New York weather is totally unpredictable. It’s also foldable and fits perfectly on my carry-on bag.


A set of packing organisers

I know. I also used to think they were superfluous items. Until the day I had to share space with my husband in the same suitcase and find out it was one of the best investments I did. It’s so easy to distribute correctly the layers of clothes with a set of zippered organisers.


Besides, it’s hygienic and practical because it keeps the shoes separated of the other pieces of clothes. I just got one set of packing organisers and it was enough even to carry travel documents safely on my hand luggage as well.

Boost Supplements


A daily supplement to stimulate your immune system is one of the fundamental things you can carry with you on a short break or long trip.

The long-haul flight, time zone changing can be enough reasons to make you feel a bit under the weather when you are travelling.  I have taken Bee Prepared Max Strength supplements to test then in New York.

The combination of nutrients in this product was the necessary boost I need to face the hot weather in the city.

The natural ingredients of this supplement were also a positive factor to choose this kind of product.



It combines natural ingredients such as bee propolis, black elderberry, olive leaf, acerola cherry and beta glucans, but in more concentrated amounts, with the addition of astaxanthin and reishi mushroom.

No. I don`t take energetic drinks when I travel or when I feel tired. It’s a total trap.  I prefer organic and natural products that certainly reduces tiredness and fatigue during the hectic days.

It can be a coincidence, but I have taken 1 capsule 2 times a day during this trip and I think that Bee Prepared Max Strength was effective because I felt-bug free during the whole holiday.

On the other hands, my husband felt unwell some days and he didn’t take any supplement before or during this trip. I’ll keep this supplement by my bedside table during the winter.

Travel Wash


A long flight is not only uncomfortable. It also demands to be as much as practical you can. It works when packing travel toiletries. That’s the reason I have decided to test soap leaves by LifeVenture on my flight to New York. This pack with 50 leaves is useful and economical. I can keep it even in my pocket.

Aeroplanes are dirty environments and keeping the hygiene can be a bit tricky in a space that you can barely move. I loved those soap leaves because they have a delicate fragrance. It’s efficient and environmentally friendly.


I also tested the  Shampoo leaves by LifeAdventure during this trip and they can be a good alternative to the usual big plastic bottles of shampoos that are not practical in general.

I do prefer compact and practical. I just think that it needs to be combined with some kind of conditioner.

Otherwise, the hair can be a bit dry after using it. But I am looking forward to taking these two items for my next holiday in the seaside and it definitely will be useful again.

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