What I Ate Wednesday | A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and the giant pizza in DUMBO

One of the most surreal moments of this trip to New York was definitely stepping on Brooklyn Bridge. The most vivid memory I had about this colossal construction doesn’t come from films or tv shows. It actually comes from an image showing Brooklyn’s bridge famous features and hybrid cables.


In this photo, the bridge was all deconstructed like a puzzle you put together perfectly. This fascinating photo collage that I had in hands was actually an invitation to check the renewed artist David Hockney’s paintings in Sao Paulo. The year was 1989, I guess. But I never forgot this outstanding piece of pop art.


I never made that exhibition itself, but here I was many (too many) years later, in front of the masterpiece which is the bridge itself. So, yes, walking across Brooklyn Bridge was one of the priorities in this trip.


We wanted to start the walking from Dumbo where we would have something to eat before facing the 45 minutes stroll across the bridge.

This area of Brooklyn is a unique spot to check some street art, good food, quirky souvenirs and it’s, of course, where you can get outstanding views of both, Brooklyn and Manhattan, bridges.



And yes, everybody comes here to take that iconic photo of the Empire State Building being framed in the Manhattan bridge.

Apparently, it is a great spot to take Wedding photos too. There were so many brides and grooms walking around that I thought we were in the middle of a wedding itself.


DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass and this neighbourhood used to be an industrial area, and that explains the many factories and warehouse buildings around.

Nowadays, those constructions were converted to luxury apartments, lofts, shops, restaurants and bars. Yes, it’s a for sure the most expensive area of Brooklyn to live.

We visited it on Saturday afternoon and it was one of the most packed areas of New York.


One of the best things to do in DUMBO is stuffing your face with delicious Italian food or typical American burgers. I heard so much about Grimaldi’s and Juliana’s pizza that it would be impossible to not go for Italian when visiting DUMBO.

Unfortunately, both pizzerias were packed. So, we visited another one from our list of best restaurants in this part of Brooklyn: Ignazio’s.


The place was also packed but we just spent a few minutes queueing for a table. The staffs were friendly and really helpful when we tried to understand the sizes of the pizzas. The girl who served us recommended to go for the medium size and now we understood why.


We picked the Siciliana with Ambrosia of fresh Mozzarella, plum tomato, Pecorino Romano, basil, select oregano and olive oil. Thicker crust. You paid for what you get. Homemade pizza with a perfect crust and typical Italian sauce. It tastes good and looks good.


The owner or manager (I imagine) came to our table to check if everything is okay and the service is was fast, friendly and efficient considering it was a busy weekend for them.


The truth is that Ignazio’s is a hidden gem at DUMBO. I would try the pizza in this place but also go there with a belly empty because the medium one is more like a huge one, to be honest.


After eating out heart out, we headed to the waterfront to check a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline. It’s also there that is located the famous Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory.


Be prepared to be in a long queue if you fancy the famous ice cream cookie. I didn’t try it. Not after eating that huge pizza.

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is a unique experience indeed. Even when you know that you won’t alone there.


There are so many people on it that it’s difficult to take a perfect photo without including someone else’s head on the frame. It’s chaotic.



Remember to stay in the left side of the pedestrian walkway (if you are crossing from DUMBO to Manhattan) and respect the cyclists that are also using the bridge.


Even though, it’s worth. I enjoyed every single step on it, touching the cables, and of course, enjoying the stunning views of Manhattan.


You can also spot the Queens and even a glimpse of Williamsburg bridge farther in the background. It’s overwhelming and one of the most beautiful NYC landmarks. The unforgettable experience that should be repeated every time you visit New York.

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