XLS Nutrition – Did it work for me?

I’ll be honest with you; my metabolism is more confusing than a teenager’s brain. It’s all over the place. I have been trying different weight loss methods or diets since I was very young. There were times that it worked perfectly, but it also failed miserably.

Now I’m on my 40’s, things got a bit more complicated. I’m afraid. This year, I have decided to stick up with a healthier diet, balanced with some plenty of exercises.

It’s a slow process that demands a lot of mental and physical strength, of course. But it also is a good way of challenging myself.

But why not bring some extra help to this task?

I received a complimentary sample of XLS Nutrition supplement a couple of weeks ago (last month, to be honest) to try on, and I have now all impressions about the product itself.


To be honest, I just started to use this product properly this month because I spent most of September abroad and it would be pointless starting to take the shake while on holiday.

XLS – Medical is a highly nutritious shake that promises to help in the weight loss and keep your energy up with a combination of high-quality proteins, essential vitamins, mineral and macronutrients.

It’s known as the UK’s number 1 weight loss tablet brand that promises to work as a delicious and nutritious meal replacement that comes in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours. I have chosen the XLS- Nutrition Chocolate (10 portions, 400g Cold Powder).  

When prepared according to the recommendation, the 200 ml of the shake is the equivalent to a less than 250 calories meal.


Where to start?

It’s fairly easy to prepare the shake. You need to mix 200 ml of milk (in my case almond milk), 4x scoops of the product using the measuring spoon to (40g) of shake and 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil. It is a bit thick to mix it all together, so I recommend using a milk frother.

How has been the whole experience so far?

In the beginning, I thought a bit challenging to take the shake twice times a day, so I have started substituting only one of the meals. I also combined exercising more and healthy low- calorie snacks in between. I felt a bit hungry in the beginning, but I guess it’s a normal in an adaptation phase too.


It also worked better for me when I swap it for the breakfast meal. I didn’t notice a huge drop in my weight, but I definitely lost some few pounds in the process.

However, it has the odd weekends when I ignored the shake completely, so I think I needed to take the diet plans a bit seriously to have more effective results.

It tastes nice. Not the most exciting shake you will have in life, but its consistency does not put you off when drinking it. I think I would like to try the vanilla one to check if it’s a good option as well.


I kept the once a day plan in the following weeks and it has helped me to at least not gain weight, which is already a big step for me. Is it worth to give it a try? It depends on how committed you are with a healthy diet plan.

XLS – Medical shakes are available from all major high street retailers, grocery stores and pharmacies.

*I received this product complimentary from XLS Medical for testing purposes. 

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