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You can’t deny that the first step to start renovating a room at home comes from putting together creative ideas and quirky tools that we can dig in magazines, books and online.

You never know if that board on Pinterest named “home & design” will become the biggest home project of your life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re renewing the interior or outside space, one of the most difficult decisions to make is always choosing the right feature wall tiles.

There are so many things to consider before starting your project that it’s better to organise your thoughts before starting literally to break the walls.


Defining your project – from size to style

The first step is having in mind the size (and measurements) of the room(s) you want to renovate. After all, it will be fundamental to make sure that you have enough quantity to cover the entire wall.

The best advice is to add some extra tiles to use in case there is a loss or damage. This way, you are also checking your budget to avoid surprises in your pocket.

It’s important to get the numbers and figures out first. After measuring the room, it’s time to find the best design and style. Some brick walls require special skills and you probably will need to combine style with functionality.

From contemporary to rustic ambient, there is a different style to all sorts of houses. The best thing to do is to collect (and pinning) ideas online and offline way before starting your project. With the right budget and some creativity, your project will be put into practice quicker than expected.


Pin your project – online and offline

Like I said before, the Internet can be the best place to find inspiration when talking about home décor. There are thousands of home design ideas to be pinned on websites like Pinterest, for example.

Getting inspired by other decoration ideas is also a relaxing exercise. From industrial finishing that fits perfectly in a living room to the colourful and sophisticated titles to be featured in the kitchen, there is always a perfect match for any type of client. Research before to find your style.

Another way of pin your project is also browsing the website of local companies that specialised in fitting wall titles. There is always a new trend to be discovered or a price to be compared. Bookmark your project ideas to create your own perfect style and design.

This way, it’s possible to check prices, photos, tips for best concepts for each room and all information about their services and products, of course. Not to mention, it’s a perfect way of comparing services around too.


Ask for samples

Then, it would also help if you choose to work with a company that provides samples of the product. It’s always better to check it out first than regret a bad decision later. Having your samples in hand will give you a better idea of colours and the range of products you’re looking for, anyway.

All you need to know is colour and type of your favourite tile, pay a small fee for the service and voila, the tiles will be delivered to your doorstep.

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