All you need to know about Skirting boards

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” You probably heard this saying sometimes in life. And it’s true that it fits perfectly when we’re finishing, changing or starting a design project.

There is nothing more elegant than a final touch to your home renovation. That’s what makes skirting boards so essential and still popular to the interior design nowadays.

But what is a skirting board anyway?

it’s usually a wooden board covering the joints and lowest parts of the floor to protect the wall and doors from kicks, abrasion, furniture damage. It has other several functions such as preventing damps on the walls and it’s also used to cover pipes, for example.

It is known that skirting boards were popular decoration moulding among the Victorians and they even gave a name to the “Victorian skirting board” feature.

The truth is, it’s still in demand nowadays because of its fantastic finishing touch in the room and other spaces in the house. We know it definitely helps to add character to your room. So, why not to learn more about it?


There are numerous types, sizes and shapes of skirting boards in the market. And sometimes, its installation can be a very tricky task to be done by yourself. So, most of the time it’s better to ask the help from experts in fitting skirting boards to have the job done properly.

Check out this video on how to fit skirting boards on a bay window, for example:

Another difficult task is removing it from stud walls properly. Remember, a professional help can make your work easier. But if you’re keen on DIY, Stanley knives, hammer and crowbars are essential tools to avoid further damage to the wall or to your hands.

There are plenty of different skirting boards and architraves designs to suit both traditional and contemporary styles.

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I understand it not an easy task to combine the design of a product to your existing décor. In this case, it’s always recommended to look for a provider that will manufacture the product according to your specifications.

Search for a custom-made skirting board provider that will be able to even make a replica of the already fitted one in your house.

Never hesitate to ask for samples. It’s a helpful tip when looking for a perfect fit to your door and walls because it will be a unique opportunity to check the quality of the material in the product. After all, you don`t want to waste time and money without compromising your interior or exterior design project.

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