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This is it! Summer has gone! Now it’s time to face the temperature plunging to start wrapping up yourself with style, of course.

When JD Williams contacted me to review some of their clothing pieces, I just thought about putting together an outfit that not just would keep me warm but would also bring me some colour to the colder days in the UK.



The idea was choosing comfortable and colourful (if possible) pieces that would stand out. Instead of going for the usual all-black looks.

JD Williams is an online shop that offers everything you can imagine from on-trend women’s fashion in sizes 10-32 to footwear, accessories, gifts, home furnishings & electrical goods.


With a budget in mind, I have decided to go for three pieces that would include: a pair of jeans, shoes and a trendy coat. There were so many options on the website that took me a while to decide the perfect outfit.

As a curvy woman, I thought it would be a difficult task to find the correct sizes. But I was quite surprised to see they offer bigger sizes for all types of bodies. Especially when talking about jeans. It’s always difficult to find “my size” sometimes.



And it’s just frustrating when I am looking for some clothes online and there is usually a size “10” as an option to a plus size woman. C’mon. You know it’s not realistic at all.

It was actually easy to find my size for most of the items that I picked. So, here are my Autumn outfit winners:

A pair of jeggings – Bella Indigo, Slim Leg – Long length.

I wanted to have a comfortable pair of stretchy denim material jeans that would give me both style and comfort.



There is nothing more annoying than a pair of trousers that fits perfectly but looks terrible in your body. This one was a found.


I usually take ages to find an ideal pair of jeans that adjusts well in curvy bodies like mine.


But this one fitted perfectly. It has excellent length and good fitting too. I have washed twice now, and the colours didn`t start to fade yet.

Cushion Walk Size Zip Rushed Ankle boots

I do love ankle boots. They are stylish, comfortable and lifetime trendy. I knew I could choose a pair of ankle boots without regretting instantly. But it was better than I imagined. The first impression about this piece was having a lightweight and practical shoe that could be worn in different seasons.


They worked well as a cushioned walk that keeps your feet warm in colder days. And the zipper makes it easier to pull on.


I have worn this pair of boots three times now and I have the feeling I can walk all they long with this shoe. Comfort is guaranteed here. I think this pair of boots will last me for more colder seasons than I expect.

Shower Resistant Parka

A trendy and colourful coat can change your mood and your style. After all, it’s not just because the weather is moody and grey that you should go for monochromatic pieces.


That is the reason I wanted to pick a bright colourful parka to complete my Autumn outfit.  This gorgeous khaki/black parka was the cherry on the top of the cake.

This coat is made of a soft and light material that fits perfectly in the bag when folded. Its also has waterproof zippers and adjustors in the sleeve cuff and hem.


I thought this parka could be the piece to pull everything together with style. And it does. I just love this piece. It is not warm enough for a heavy winter, but it is waterproof and warm enough to face the begin of cool Autumnal days in Britain.

Overall, I just loved my new outfit for this season. It all fits well and I couldn’t have chosen better pieces.


There is no formula to find the right clothing for every type of body. But I do recommend JD Williams as a positive experience when shopping online. They have a good variety of clothing and the delivery was also quicker than expected.

*I received these clothes complimentary from JD Williams for review purposes.

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