Garden services in the winter

It didn’t take me too long to understand that gardens are an essential part of life in the UK. People are just obsessed with their flowers and bulbs, and plants in general. They spend a lot of money and effort to keep it always healthy and well-preserved in the spring and summer.

But what about the winter?

How can we keep the garden tight on the colder days? Is there any special garden service to be considered? Yes, there is a lot to be done in your garden during the winter.


It’s in the winter that most people start sorting out their crops and seeds for the hotter seasons. The maintenance of your garden from December to March will be a fundamental process in this case.

There are two steps to follow: you can put your sleeves up and do it yourself or find the help of a local gardener.

If the second option is more suitable for your necessities, there are some things to be considered before quoting for the best gardening service in your area.


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First, it’s better to look for a professional with enough experience to present quality work. A garden service usually costs anything between £15-£40. It will depend on the type of maintenance you need.

There are several services to be done in the garden during the winter. Garden clearance, gutter cleaning, plant care, border work, lawn maintenance and jet washing are some of them.

These services are generally charged by the hour and the prices will vary in price depending on the size and the area you live.


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But if you are in doubt about which professional to bring to your garden, the best thing to do is always compare prices before hiring a gardener. It’s important to remember that this is an intensive and sometimes dangerous labour work.

Don`t hesitate to ask for his/her insurance policies, as well as check qualifications, the area of expertise and experience proof if necessary. Every extra information will help to choose the best professional.


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What are the real benefits of hiring a gardener?

It doesn’t matter how keen on gardening you are, it’s always better to give the service to an expert. A gardener will always be the professional qualified to do the job and provide the best tips for future maintenance of your garden.

Besides, they will always provide the work safely. They will also save you time and money, considering that it’s likely to have any kind of damage or waste when hiring their services.

They certainly save you lots of hassle in the winter and the inconvenience of making you work outside under low temperatures.

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