What I Ate Wednesday |Falafels and Turkish coffee at Damascena

I think I can totally understand now why this place is always packed. But you should check it by yourself if you are nearby.

Damascena is a well-established coffee house, delicatessen and bakery located right in the centre of Birmingham. They have more two address in Harborne and Moseley.

But I have visited the branch located on Temple Row West a couple of times and I’m totally sold now. You just need to love a place that serves what is best in the Middle east culinary. I am a big fan of the authenticity of its menu.

So, I dragged my friend last week to possibly get a table at Damascena. In fact, she got the table. I just had to join it. Thanks, Mel.

Photo by ell brown on Foter.com / CC BY-SA

And yes, the place was packed as usual There were queues reaching the door entrance. It’s probably very difficult to get a table available in the city centre brand, but it worth it the waiting.

But just don’t go there only for the food. Damascena also serves the authentic Turkish coffee experience that you would die for and I wanted to try it for ages. There is a distinctive way to serve and to drink it, of course.


As a bonus, my friend told me that someone can just tell your fortune by looking at the cup after you drank it. Why not? Read more about the Turkish Coffee culture here.

My Turkish coffee was served in a traditional cezve. It’s beautiful to contemplate indeed. A hint of cardamon and a single cube of Turkish delight was the complement to the whole experience. One more time.

It is worth it to stay in the queue just for this. It also has a large selection of hot and cold drinks.

The place is divided into two spaces. The delicatessen is near to the entrance. It had a huge display with different types of grounded coffee and other products. So, if you need to fulfil your (quality) Arabic coffee fixing, this is an obligatory pit stop before leaving this place.

There is another more tempting display in this area as well filled by delicious desserts that go from traditional Syrian baklavas (like the one in the photo below) to  Sahlab/Saloops.

Photo | Melissa Becker


The other area in the back of the coffee shops is cosier. With the decoration that you probably would find in coffee shops of Istambul. Cosy and quite atmospheric.

Comfy tables and lots of people. The place does not stop. People come and go and even in a frantic ambient like this, you still find this café a place for peaceful catching up with friends.


So we asked for food. I had a traditional falafel served with flatbreads and I also asked for the Baba Ghannuj dip that is made with roasted aubergine, lemon, extra virgin olive oil and garlic.

They both tasted fresh and I can guarantee there is enough food to be shared if you want. It’s a quite light meal as well.

Birmingham has an admirable independent coffee scene. But there is something about some coffee shops that make them stand out.

Damascena is one of them. if you don’t fancy the buzzing of the city centre, there are two more addresses to visit this outstanding coffee shop in Moseley and Harborne.



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