– Is it a good deal?

Shopping online is everyone’s guilty pleasure. Despite not being savvy, it’s guaranteed to can find real bargains online. And you can practically purchase everything nowadays with a simple click. It’s definitely a comfortable, practical, and safe way of shopping.

But I’m not going to lie; cashback sites are something new to me. I never joined one before. However, it’s quite popular and trendy here in the UK. Besides, it’s also an exciting way of shopping, finding the best deals, and making extra money online.

Thinking this way, I joined boom25 cashback to see if it’s a really good deal.


How does it work?

You probably know how cashback sites work. They usually pay you a reward in cash when you purchase their products or services. You can find numerous deals available and the awards can vary from site to site. They are pretty much similar.

But it’s not the case here. With boom25 there is a real chance of a full refund on your purchases. If you’re the 25th shopper chosen, it’s guaranteed to have your money back.


And even if it’s not the case, you are still saving money on the best weekly deals anyway. It looks like a win-win in this case!

All you need to do is join the website, browse the brands, choose the best deal, and boom: you can be the next winner.

What are the advantages of joining it?

To start, it’s for free. There is no membership or annual fee requested when you subscribe to it. It’s also a fairly easy website to navigate. The deals are placed on your dashboard and you can hit the brands, products, and services with a simple click.

Plus, this cashback site offers deals from top retailers such as New Look, Argos, Groupon, M&S, etc. From travel deals to gifts, there are all types of services and products for every kind of pocket and budget.


Another important feature here is the range of top-notch shops available. There are a huge variety of well-known high street retailers that you are familiar with. It makes it easier to find a real deal from your favourite brands on this website. And the odds of purchasing a not quality product or service are always very low.

How was my experience with boom25?

Having a good browse on the website took me to some real bargains. I have found products with a 78% discount and it’s already a good deal. I have purchased products to use in my online English sessions as a tutor and it was already rewarding.


On the other hand, I didn’t understand some brands recommended to me such as Shop Disney, for example. As I don’t have kids, this wouldn’t be the kind of website I would browse on daily basis.

Overall, I would use the website again to find good bargains. But I would be a bit savvier to find the real deals and good odds.

My first purchase was done on November 15th and to be honest, I didn’t spend too much on it. Like every online shopping, it’s easy to carry on buying unnecessary items just for the sake of getting a good deal. Be savvy!

I already received the email telling me it was tracked. Fingers crossed I will have my cashback and I can come back for more.

Check the Boom25 tutorial above to know more about it and have a go on it yourself!

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