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There are several ways of starting your journey through a zero-waste lifestyle. The first step is being aware that it’s crucial to reduce waste and stop using plastic, of course. The path to a greener life may not look easy, but small changes in our buying behaviour can be the best step we can do.

Start substitute plastic products that are not easy to be recycled (or are not recyclable at all) is a fundamental step in this journey.


“Most families in the UK throw away about 40kg of plastic per year, which could otherwise be recycled.” That can`t be acceptable anymore.

We do need to learn to minimalise “useless stuff” at home or at least swap them for more durable and biodegradable products.

For me, the best way to start this journey is looking for eco-friendly alternatives to use in my house. I have started with things in my bathroom and kitchen. Simple changes that can make a big difference in the future.

Fortunately, there are loads of brands and companies available online helping people to start reducing our environmental footprint.


FRoG – Friends of Gaia; which was introduced in our Meet The Business and you can read the whole interview about them here, is one of those website to look for tips and products when starting your zero waste journey.

There are a range of individual products and the popular “Frog Boxes” filled with everyday accessories and products that can be kept for several years, reducing the use of plastic considerably.

I like the concept of buying a “starter kit” because it’s a money saving, and you don’t need to research too much. There is always a perfect selection for what you need for the kitchen, bathroom and daily life in general.

I have started with the Happy Tooth Fairy Box because I was looking for a bamboo toothbrush for ages. About the time, huh? All FRoG boxes are 100% natural and totally plastic free.

What’s included?

Bamboo Toothbrush


It’s an organic bamboo which is naturally anti-bacterial. I have chosen the one with soft bristles, which I wasn’t used to before, but I am quite happy with the change. It’s a light toothbrush made by TruthBrush that is wrapped in tissue paper and recyclable packaging. So far, so good.

The benefits of using products made of bamboos are infinite. It grows naturally, and they are designed to be 100% eco-friendly. I feel like I made the right decision swapping from plastic to bamboo ones.

Georganics natural toothpaste


That was a nice discover to me. If you are looking for an organic alternative to the commercial toothpaste.

This product has natural and whitening powder is a good choice to get rid of plaques and stains. What I like most about this product is its economic (and totally plastic free) packaging. I never want to deal with the plastic tubes of toothpaste anymore if it’s possible.

It has a bit strong taste and different texture because Spearmint leaf (bit like Peppermint) but it doesn’t take long to get use to this. I would give 10/10 to this Georganics natural toothpaste.

Georganics charcoal floss


Here it’s another simple and natural alternative that we should bring to our daily life. I do confess that I never thought about the benefits of natural floss.

Then, I wonder how long takes to a conventional dental floss packaging disintegrate. Besides, most of the dental flosses available in the market are not biodegradable. Bad, isn’t?

But this charcoal floss is made with bamboo, charcoal fibre, candelilla wax and peppermint oil. It comes in a reusable bottle and you can buy the floss refills too. Another winner!

This box is a first real step to make your dental hygiene routine totally zero waste. Love and recommend any of FRoG’s -ethical and fair boxes.

Eco-friendly Kitchen utensils, anyone?

I also received other individual products from FRoG that can be also found in their boxes selections.

Bamboo Pot and Pan Scraper


Fortunately, eco-friend kitchen utensils and cooking accessories are here to stay. You would be surprised in how easy it’s to behave a plastic free kitchen nowadays.

This simple and effective piece of bamboo scraper is a magical tool in my kitchen now. It’s also a natural option that certainly will keep your food free of chemicals and toxins. I will purchase the

BeeBee Wax Food Wraps


I confess I am in love with this product and I can’t wait to buy more of those to keep food fresh and protect. I hate to break the news, but you don’t need plastic bags or clingfilm anymore when you have wax wraps.

You just need the heat of your hands to create a seal around the containers with food. It’s practical, ethical and easy to clean. Love the BeeBee Wraps design. It’s definitely one of the best ethical products available in the market, in my opinion.

Bare Kind Straw Set


Did you know that In the UK we use over 8.5 billion plastic straws a year? It’s not new that replacing plastic straws are the biggest favour that everyone can do to the planet. Imagine the difference we can make when using reusable straws.

I am totally in love with this rainbow set of stainless-steel straws by Bare Kind. They are fun, practical, easy to clean and really cheap as well. There is no excuse to use plastic straws anymore.

*I received this FroG box for review purposes.

What about you? Would you start a zero waste lifestyle with those products too? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

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