What I Ate Wednesday | Beach Body Veggie Burger at Asbury Park, New Jersey

I spent part of my trip to New York visiting my American “family” in New Jersey. It was just cool to enjoy their favourite places to go and the other ones that are familiar to them.


We wanted to be part of their daily routine, trying their local food, picking up the kids at school etc. After all, those are the experiences that you want to bring back home with you. Not only a postcard of the Empire State building, you know.


We have been to many places with them during this trip. But Asbury Park is one of the locations that bring me the best memories of our staying with Jones family.

Asbury Park is located on the Jersey Shore as part of the New York City metropolitan area. It’s a popular seaside spot where many cultural activities are held annually.


It’s actually more famous than you expect because it was put on the map by Bruce Springsteen. Have you heard Greetings from Asbury Park? This is it!


So, I heard someone says, “Asbury Park is a kind of Williamsburg by the sea”. It has that hipster vibe, for sure. But I think Asbury Park is a way more famous It’s an amazing day out. It has wicked shops and it has several iconic attractions to visit. Plus, many iconic buildings such as the Conventional Hall.


Some of them are the legendary Wonder Bar, where the Boss used to perform and The Stone Pony, where Bon Jovi and other big bands also performed.


Ashbury Park has this amazing shore atmosphere. Kids eating ice cream, couples enjoying some beer, elderly sunbathing. It’s a place for everyone. I guess it’s a hit in the Summer.


But I am glad that the festive vibe was what we also found in September. After having a stroll around the big fancy houses and mansions, we headed to the boardwalk area where we can find shops, bars and restaurants.


There are so many places to eat and drink, that it can be a bit tricky to choose just one favourite one.


But it was inside the Paramount Theatre that we found a perfect place to eat, The Anchor’s Bend. It’s right next to the iconic venue.  The place is huge. There is a beer garden, that is actually on the sand. Authentic, to say the least.


And it makes me feel quite sad to remember that our beer gardens in Birmingham are not actually by the sea. I know.


This restaurant is also a venue that receives lots of bands to perform, by the way. But this time, we were there for the food. As soon as I put my eyes on the menu, I knew what I would go for. The famous Beach Body Burger – a veggie burger topped with a mix of vegetable, hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle.


The Anchor’s Bend caters for vegetarians in a very creative way. They have quinoa bowls, veggie nachos and other interesting dishes.


My friend has the Nachos Grandes that is actually served with seafood if I am not wrong. It tasted delicious according to delicious. It looks lovely, to be honest.

I was tempted to try a New Jersey’s classic; the famous Disco Fries – smothered with brown gravy, and melted mozzarella & provolone. But I had a long flight to take and didn’t want to risk such a big meal. Gutted. Another excuse to go back to Jersey soon!

I just wish I could understand the difference between chips vs fries ( UK and US style) before asking my garnish. I got it completely wrong.


Food was delicious. Service was really friendly, and we got a couple of Brooklyn beers to go throw the afternoon with our friends in Asbury Park. It was a lovely meal indeed.

I loved to have a look at the artisanal art and shops around. And it’s beautiful to see the Paramount Theatre still going strong.


Food and shopping done, we had a stroll along the boardwalk, with kids enjoying every single photo taken in front of the many street arts placed there.


It’s lovely to see that Asbury embraces graffiti as well. There are many murals along the beach, along with stencil and photography too.


It’s definitely a “instagramable” part of the boardwalk.


Right to the end of our walking was placed at the old Casino Arena and Carousel House.


Both well-known constructions that are being refurbished and also used to cultural events. The Carousel House, for example, is also a theatre.


I did love my shirt time spent in Asbury Park. It’s actually one of my highlight spots from this trip to the US.


If you want to embrace the real Jersey entertaining, this is the place to go. I’m glad to spend my last afternoon with my American family in a Jersey’s gem.


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