Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Let’s be honest. I could prepare 200 different gift guides for women because it’s a matter of personal choice here. Every girl has different tastes, budgets and ideas. But don’t panic, it’s still possible to find the last-minute gift for the special women in your life. Right here. Right now.

Just remember, whether shopping for your best friend, mother, sister in law, wife or girlfriend, it’s important to be creative and find that “something” that will make her feel special.

I put together an ultimate Christmas gift guide thinking about things that I would like to give to the special women in my life. Enjoy it!


Photo courtesy by The Merchant of Venice


The Merchant of Venice – Blue Tea

The Merchant of Venice range of perfumes continues its journey in the Far East with a fragrance inspired by an exclusive and raw material from Asian lands – Blue Tea. The first bottled fragrance to use the rare blue tea flower. A romantic and mysterious scent that brings back the fresh summery vibe despite the cold weather outside.

£180, Harrods


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A Book that Takes its time by Irene Smit

You can’t go wrong with a book. We like reading and it doesn’t matter if it’s a fantasy, a mindfulness diary or a feminist guide, there is always a perfect reading choice to pick as a present on Christmas time.

I have chosen a book that was not even launched this year, but it’s timeless reading in my opinion. It’s a book to deconstruct yourself and learn there is time to chill, to create and to relax as well. It’s a fascinating present to boost both creative and procrastinating side of us.

£17, Amazon


Korean Face Masks

If there is something I didn`t get over in 2018, it was the Korean face masks I am sorry. I can`t get enough of it. I keep buying them like a crazy one. After visiting L’ovue in New York, the thing got to another level. The good news is that you just don’t need to fly to NY to find your favourite face mask brands. Amazon, eBay and some department stores in the UK can do the trick.

And there is nothing more relaxing than a glass of wine, your favourite youtube channel and a bit of k-beauty routine. Every woman deserves a spa night to recharge the battery before or after the festivities.


Photo courtesy by It’s Your Bottle


Personalised Wine – It’s your Bottle

Is there something more original than offering a special bottle of wine to a loved one? Fortunately, there are plenty of businesses making this dream come true. It’s Your Bottle is one of them.

The idea is celebrating a special occasion with a favourite bottle of wine of your choice. I can’t imagine more intimate present that this one. Every woman out there deserves to be treated with a nice bottle of Rioja, Bordeaux, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc.


Photo reproduced by Mac cosmetics


Lipstick – Niina Secrets by Mac

Yes, I will be a bit unpredictable now to put in this list a present that I want myself. Niina Secrets is a famous Brazilian You Tuber that just had launched her lipstick with Mac. An impressive achievement for a 24-year-old lady. We are really proud of her and of course, I just love the warm pink nude colour of this lipstick. It’s a simple accessory that would make you sparks on the Christma. And every time, really.


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  1. Like the ideas you have shared here. I am going to definitely try ideas out of these options. Thanks for sharing.

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