Popular Formal Dress Styles

When it comes to formal dresses, there are a lot of different styles to choose from. It can be overwhelming trying to decide what you like the best. From length and color to shape and style, here are the most popular formal dresses on the market today.

Axis Dresses


Axis dresses have skirts that give the appearance of being fuller than they really are. Despite lightweight, gentle fabric, they flare out from the waist, almost as if there’s a petticoat underneath.

These dresses are fun and unique. They’re not as common as others, so you stand out in the crowd when you wear them. The style is perfect for almost any party, wedding, or formal event, so choose an appropriate color and dance the night away.

Mermaid Dresses


Mermaid dresses are form fitting from the bust to below the hips, and then they flare at the bottom like a mermaid tail. They are elegant and shapely. They elongate the figure and enhance your curves. These types of dresses are great for black tie events and other very formal evening activities.

Sheath Dresses


Sheath dresses are more straight. When wearing a sheath dress, color blocks and other geometric patterns look great. They add dimension to an otherwise flat style. But don’t think that flat is boring. These dresses are professional and go well in a work wardrobe.

Halter Dresses


Halter dresses have halter top necklines. The skirt can be any length or style but is usually plain. In a halter dress, the eye should be drawn to the shoulders. Halter dresses look best on women with small chests because it enhances that part of your figure.

Off-Shoulder Dresses


Off-shoulder or one-shoulder dresses are unique and asymmetrical. This style can be very formal, sexy, or fun. Depending on the color, skirt length, and material, this type of dress can be worn to many different kinds of events.



Strapless dresses are flirty and youthful. They work best for bachelorette parties, cocktail parties, and other events where it’s ok to be a bit more uninhibited by fashion. They come in all kinds of skirt lengths and styles, so they are adaptable and versatile.

Formal dresses come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so what you choose will depend on your body type and the event invitation you receive.

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