2 Bedroom Airbnb Apartment in Jersey City | New Jersey

How to visit New York without paying for expensive accommodation? I can tell you, the best decision you can take is crossing the Hudson to stay in New Jersey, of course.
Just have in mind that New Jersey is a huge state, so it’s better to do your research before and check places such as Hoboken, Newark, or Jersey City, with plenty of public transport available.

Jersey City is a bubbling neighbourhood with trendy cafes, bars, and restaurants.
Our Airbnb was located only 10 minutes far from Manhattan with really easy access to the Path (their local metro) and it was quite easy to reach the Grand Central Station, for example.

I loved the fact this apartment is placed in a quiet residential area as well. There is a lot of green around and lots of shops too.

On the other hand, like many buildings of its kind in New York, this one doesn’t have a lift. So, it can be a bit challenging to get used to going up four flights of stairs after a long day of sightseeing in the city. But it won’t put you off after checking this accommodation properly.

The apartment inside is a true luxury. Really impressive, especially for the price paid for a 9-night stay. It has a lovely and spacious living room equipped with two tables (one that can be easily used as a workspace), Apple TV, and a comfy sofa.


There is a well-equipped small open kitchen in the same area. I am not keen on cooking in the same space where I usually watch TV, but this apartment has enough ventilation to avoid spreading the cooking smell all over the place. Besides, we barely spent time at the apartment itself.


So, it works well for a hectic holiday staying.

The two bedrooms were also quite spacious. The whole apartment accommodates five people easily.

There is an air conditioner in both rooms and the living room. Something that is extremely important considering how hot cities such as New York and New Jersey are even in mid-September.

The other plus of this accommodation was definitely the fact it has a washing machine and drier. We basically washed our clothes at least three times in ten days spent in New Jersey, and those appliances were life-savers.

The shower and bathtub were also other appreciated features in this apartment. Believe me, any bath is appreciated after walking nearly 30 thousand steps in the city.

The fact it’s on the top floor also makes the ambient a quiet spot. This homey apartment made a perfect next to relax after buzzing days in New York.

The neighbourhood is also inviting. You can find lovely cafes, bakeries, and grocery shops around. It’s a quiet and safe residential area too.

I really regret not having enough time to explore Jersey City itself. There is a great sense of community in this historical city and it was lovely to check a bit of its street carnival, with local food and live music during the weekend of our staying there.

It was also lovely to explore a bit of the Liberty State Park and check the Manhattan skyline in the Waterfront parks.

I truly recommend finding accommodation like this one in Jersey. It’s much more affordable and easier to reach New York city from this side of the river. Plus, Jersey City itself is already a good destination to explore as well.

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