Meet The Business #26 : Hempish

Hello you! It’s 2019, I know. And we still need to remind you about the benefits of using products made of cannabis, isn’t it?

So, here we are to introduce you Hempish, a young and vibrant online business that works with nature by using Hemp to provide a sustainable product that can hold its own in an ever-competitive marketplace.

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In case you don’t know, Hemp can the source of many products, “it has about 30,000 known applications from linen to paper to the rope to building materials, body care, and food.” Hemp fibre has been used for thousands of years.

Besides, hemp grows literally everywhere. We talked to Gail Dunsbee, the founder of Hempish, to find out more about her business and hemp products.

Midlands Traveller: Tell me a little bit about your background in business and How did you come up with the idea of a business like yours?

Gail Dunsbee: Hempish was formed in 2003, I wanted to pursue a business that was predominantly healthy in all aspects not only from the person’s point of view but also from the relationship with the planet.

Hemp Seed Oil was my first intro to Hemp and a few years of research led me also to all the other qualities of the Cannabis (hemp) plant.

MT: Tell me about Hempish’s mission and what products do you offer?

GD: I wanted to let people have the benefit and the knowledge of exactly what Hemp was, and how it could help them, from nutrition to clothing, to build their houses, it was endless.

So, I started Hempish with clothing, bags, body care, and food products, like a stop, get it shop. However, we did not want one physical location, and we started to travel over the South of the country to County shows and the start of the Vegan Fairs.

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MT: What is unique about Hempish?

GD: We are unique because there is no one else to my knowledge bringing this mix of Hemp to the Public. Our philosophy is to always talk to people about hemp products not just sell them, that is not our remit.

Also, my suppliers do not use sweatshops, all who work on hemp are from quality factories and cooperative communities, so in that way, we are also giving back.

MT: What are the challenges of a business like yours?

GD: The main challenges are that these unique products are not for a throwaway society as they are more expensive BUT they will last for many years, and they are of excellent quality.


MT: How do you choose the products that are available on your website?

GD: I base my product mix on what I am happy to use myself. We support Viva and Animal aid in their work, again another way of giving. I also give presentations for groups such as the WI and various clubs.

Most of the Fairs we now go to are always Vegan or Animal Welfare led, this is where the heart of Hempish lies. My philosophy in life is that if I buy something for someone then I make sure that someone/ something else gains a benefit, not shareholders of big business.


MT: What are the next steps for Hempish?

GD: For the future, we are happy to just support the local Vegan fairs, Vegfest, and viva as well as Animal aid, we shall stay small and do not wish to try and compete on any other scale.

In the future, we shall be selling less clothing as it is in nearly all small and large towns as well as good coverage on the web. We are now selling CBD chocolate as well as other CBD products. We have taken on more bags from a co-operative in Nepal.

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