24 hours in Amsterdam | Take a relaxing boat trip along the canals

There are so much things to do and see in Amsterdam that sometimes it’s better to make some choices; especially when you just have 24 hours to spend in the city.


It can sound a bit predictable and “tourist oriented” but I can guarantee you that a boat trip can also give you a different perspective of this picturesque city. Oh well, that was how it worked for me.


Besides, Amsterdam has 165 canals to be explored and appreciated, and this kind of experience brings the destination to life! You need to do it, right?


But first things first, one thing you have to have in mind is what kind of boat trip you want to do because there are several cruises and water tours in the city. From fancy boats to hop on and off and museum trips to dinner cruises, it’s insane!


We dropped in one of the quite popular “Amsterdam day boat trip by Lovers Canal Cruises, a- 16-euros-each ticket for 1-hour water excursion with audio guide available in multiple languages.

The boats depart every 20-30 minutes from three different locations. We got the last trip of that particular day. I was expecting some queue because of the long days of summer and people are still out and about anyway.


As it was during summer, we have the wonderful sunset and night to appreciate the built of Amsterdam’s architecture and canal stunning views.

My first impression was the boat is quite comfortable transport with panoramic glass roofs. You won’t miss any detail on this tour.


The audio guide in Portuguese was also helpful because I didn’t need to translate anything to my parents understand a bit more about the history of the city. I heard they have translation to 19 different languages.


If you like history, you would love walking around Amsterdam, anyway. But the boat trip takes you back the history of its tilted buildings constructed in the 16th and 17th centuries, lovely churches and buildings.


Even in a busy summer day, Amsterdam can sound a relaxing and peaceful when we contemplate its unique architecture features during a water cruise. I thought fascinating to check the boat houses, the facades of historical and listed buildings, and check the unstoppable traffic of bicycles.


We have spectacular views from historical building such as Anne Frank’s house, gorgeous bridges, inquisitive boat house and Amsterdam’s historic gables.


Yep. It will be crowded, but we kind of cut curves and save time embarking on a water cruise to be honest.

The 17th century Canal district is definitely a magnificent piece of engineering and a cruise is a memorable way of exploring Amsterdam’s history. I would embark on this adventure again. Maybe choosing a type of cruise that offers drinks and food experience next time.

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