7 countries where amazing food really makes the holiday

You can’t deny that when you’re on holiday, the most important thing is the food. Experiencing a country’s culture through their signature dishes is one of the best ways to do it – here are just seven countries in the world that are renowned for their cuisine.



 Chinese cuisine is heavily meat-oriented, and there are also several veggie treats to be found. Try youtiao, a dough-based snack served up with soy milk that’s the most popular food for breakfast throughout the country.

You’ll find it being sold by street vendors everywhere, especially outside grocery stores every morning. Youtiao are not dissimilar to doughnuts, just in a different shape – eat them with porridge or sticky rice to understand the hype.



 It isn’t difficult to find yourself an incredible dish in Italy, from flavourful pizza to delicious pastas.

Pesto pasta is a rich and tasty meal that’s common outside of the country, yet only the true homemade stuff can be considered the real deal.

Pesto is a sauce that’s traditionally made of Parmesan, pine nuts, basil and garlic – not exactly a complicated concoction – but its distinct taste means that it’s perfectly fulfilling served on its own over fresh pasta. Rome is your best bet for a pesto dish that’s both palatable and plentiful.

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 There are some delectable dishes to savour in Japan. Yakitori restaurants usually cater more to the carnivores, with their signature meal being that of skewered chicken that’s grilled over fire.

But the vegetarian option is equally as tasty – skewers of rice, bell peppers and leeks are marinated in a ginger, soy and garlic sauce and can be served with deep-fried sides of cheese if you wish.



 Bali is the traveller’s paradise – stretches of golden sand and clear water give way to idyllic landscapes and luxurious getaways. In fact, the number of Australians visiting Bali has increased by 546% since 2006, and that’s just one corner of the globe!

The food only adds to the allure, with the famed gado gado being a prime example. It’s a spicy and aromatic dish that mixes potatoes and tofu with vegetables such as green beans and carrots.

What separates it from the rest, though, is the peanut sauce that adorns the mix once finished. It’s served with crackers, too, in order to scoop up the remnants after you’ve devoured your main course.

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 No, it isn’t just the name of a Disney film – ratatouille is the renowned French stew that has been a national staple for decades, and a dish that often gets overlooked in favour of cheese and bread. (Although we wouldn’t blame you for indulging in those, too.)

It’s a collaboration of several vegetables, usually cooked on a tomato base, and typically consisting of onions, zucchini, bell peppers and eggplant alongside various herbs.

The result is a vibrant and warming dish that’s perfect for the colder months. You’ll be wise to try ratatouille in its birthplace of Nice for a prime example of how it should be done.

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 India boasts the most vegetarians out of any other country in the world – 500 million, to be exact. It’s no wonder, then, their vegetarian dishes are so good, and entice even the most committed meat-eaters.

Paneer, a special Indian cheese, forms the basis for many meals in the country – palak paneer is arguably the most popular.

The cheese sits in blanched spinach and is seasoned with garlic and spices; the result is a dark green curry-like dish that is as healthy as it is tasty. Chickpeas are also a common choice when dining in India – chana masala is a tangy chickpea-based curry that is maybe too moreish.

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 Consider feasting on a bowl of huevos rancheros for breakfast when in Mexico. The wholesome dish is a fiery start to the day, with spicy salsa over fresh corn tortillas and over easy eggs adding an exciting element to the meal.

You’ll find that traditional Mexican huevos rancheros will be accompanied with a selection of sides – these could consist of re-fried beans, guacamole, rice and many more. You might even want to opt for some sour cream to neutralise the spices, as this dish is hot!

 Where are your favourite places to travel to for amazing food? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi Simone, I enjoyed reading your very nice article. I am glad that many of my favourite countries made your list! I am Indian with French Citizenship., living in Birmingham now. And I love Italian, Thai and Lebanese food too. I agree that France, Italy and India certainly need to be on this list 🙂 Singapore is another great country for street food IMO 🙂 btw one small note regarding Paneer. India is very varied just like Brazil and paneer dishes are one tiny part of the very many varied spices, culinary styles, condiments , vegetables and sauces used in India. Just thought I’d point that out. Not trying to be snarky. I am lucky to have had Brazilian neighbours in my past and I love Brazilian food too. Guess I just like food 😀

  2. Vijee, thanks for your comment and the note about Paneer dishes. I love Indian cuisine and its varied flavours. It is one of my favourites food and very similar to Brazilian cooking sometimes. There is nothing better than finding out about country’s culture through their food. Nothing wrong about it. 🙂

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