Top 7 Best Luxury Fabrics & Wallpapers Trends for Spring

It doesn’t matter how many Pinterest boards were created for your “interior design project”, there is always some space for more furnishing ideas. And like Tolstoy said in Anna Karenina, “Spring is a time of plans and projects”.

With this in mind, I’ve got some inspiration from the luxurious printed linen designs collection “The Curator” released by the innovative design studio Tradescant and Son.

This mesmerising collection is inspired by the adventurous John Tradescant that not only travelled around the world searching for rare plants specimens but also was one of the most important gardeners in history.

Here is my flawless picking to sparks any room of your home this Spring:


Parakeet in Ink, Natural Flex

Inspired by the 19th century and Illustrator Edward Lear, this 100% linen is quite versatile, easy to iron and it can be combined with plain line patterns too. It’s a perfect match to design new throw cushions or decorate that room that needs a bit of colour.



One of my favourites, chevron is inspired by the cabinets of curiosity and antique illustrations. Its design brings modern and energetic contrast to the decor with its angular and zigzag design. It fits cushions and why not a pair of curtains for the lounge?

Ibis-close-up (1)_capa

Ibis Toile De Jouy

What can be more vibrant than the tropical bird pattern? The Scarlet Ibis can be found in South Africa and the Caribbean. These flamboyant and exotic birds are delightful to watch. It’s easy to introduce these pattern to your next of your furnishing ideas. Besides, this fabric is printed onto 100% line that is lovely to handle.


Cymepaye Toile De Jouy

Here’s a pattern with a lot of character that features original images of monkeys from an antique encyclopedia. It’s an astonishing pattern to work with and add some modern and quirky touch to any ambient.


Entomology Moth Drawer

You can’t deny it’s a beautiful and delicate pattern to look at. Moth Drawer can be an alternative to several interior design projects. Moth Drawer was carefully drawn from the historic entomology archives from the University of Oxford Museum of Natural History.


Drifting Feather

Splendid and elegant, this is my thought about the drifting feather design. The delicate draws of ostrich feathers in a fabric embraces the spirit of a spring day. It brings a touch of lightness to the ambient and could be just perfect as a graceful seat liner.



Here we go again! Back to the fascinating world of bird patterns. Vibrant and inquisitive, the hummingbird stripes is made of Belgian linen blend that we use is 90% linen and 10% synthetic. It would fit perfectly as the new wallpaper to that room in the house that needs a bit of life.

Photos | Courtesy of Tradescant and Son.

*This is a collaborative post


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