Are bubble hotels still a thing?

You all know I’m up to all kind of different experience when talking about where to stay I have stayed in a pod, a caravan, and I also slept on a jeep before when I was travelling around Rio’s countryside once. But there is a whole new type of accommodation that I would love to embrace: bubble hotels.

Apparently, these unique hotels became quite popular and trendy in 2018. So, I wanted to know more about it, of course. And who knows booking a night to stay in a dome tent in the future.

For those who wonder, a bubble hotel is a generally an inflatable transparent dome equipped with the same (ish) amenities of a typical room in a guest house or inn.

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The crucial difference here is that you will have a magnificent view of outstanding nature and landscape wherever you fancy staying in.

These spherical inns have been provided with a unique experience to their guests because of its quite unusual perspective of hotel rooms ins general.

After all, who wouldn’t feel overwhelmed when waking up overlooking canyons or enjoying the Northern Lights in loco?

Plus, it sometimes comes accompanied to several luxurious experiences such as a

That’s mad. I know. But it’s maybe not for all. I would feel a bit annoyed with the lack of privacy in a room like this.

When it comes to sleep patterns, I love a cosy dark room, it doesn’t matter how outstanding is the scenery outside. So, I would be the first one to cover it all up. Sad, I know.

Not to mention that I would feel a bit uneasy as well. You never know if it can trigger some abduction thoughts. Life on another planet, we all know they are out there.

But jokes apart, the bubble hotels became quite popular in 2018 and it seems they’re here to stay.

So, let’s have a look in some examples of best bubble hotels over the world. Just in case you fancy sleeping overlooking some outstanding locations. Here’s a list that I would love to consider as a “sleeping in nature” accommodation:

bubble hotel 2

Golden Circle 5 Million Star Hotel – Iceland

Who wouldn’t like to see the Northern lights once in life? It’s should be on anyone else’s (who likes travelling) bucket list.

This hotel offers not only the unique experience of sleeping in a bubble room under the stars for a night but a package with tours for stunning landscapes outside Reykjavik. You may be contemplated with the Aurora Borealis’ dance if you are lucky enough.

elqui domos.jpg

Elqui Domons – Atacama Desert, Chile

Imagine staying under the sky with a total absence of light pollution between Santiago and the Atacama Desert in Chile? It’s a dream. It’s what you find at Elqui Domons boutique hotel.

The rooms are made of Made from white plastic-covered canvas over a metallic frame – like a tent but much sturdier. It’s not a transparent pod, but certainly the most affordable accommodation of its kind, considering the amazing experience offered. Plus, breakfast included.

dome tent.jpg

Dome Tent – South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand, the destiny that is currently on top of my list of countries to visit.  It doesn’t matter where I would stay, but if it includes a dome tent in the middle of a stunning landscape in this beautiful country, I am totally into it.

This secluded property is located in South Island, only three hours drive north from the city of Christchurch. Some guest said it is a perfect romantic retreat. I would add up “a spot to capture the natural beauty of New Zealand landscapes” to this statement.

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  1. That New Zealand tent looks fantastic. That’s what I’m dreaming about right now … Spend a few days in quiet nature, far away from all problems and news 🙂

  2. Hi Tia. Exactly. I am planning to visit New Zealand soon . I wouldn’t mind to spend some days in this tent too. 🙂

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