How to choose Eco-Friendly Flooring solutions

It’s a fact that sustainability is one of the keywords to make your business stands out. It doesn’t matter what you are putting on the market, it should be as Eco-friendly as possible, from top to bottom. Or at least, keen to go green!

Believe or not, it’s not only bamboo or wooden materials that can be an eco-friendly alternative. We can also look for sustainable flooring on other resistant types of surface as well.


And talking about the bottom, it’s a fundamental part of business strategy to think about flooring solutions that can be a good match for companies thinking about to be more committed and respectful to the environment.

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But where to find the best Eco-friendly solutions? There are lots of aspects to consider, from material supplier to durability.

These products are usually solvent-free, PVC-free, water-based and more important, free of plasticises.

I have challenged myself to find out some examples of commercial floors that can be a good match for offices and to my surprise, it’s more common than ever to go for sustainable flooring solutions.


Remember, whatever the flooring solution you decide to follow, make sure to pick a trustful business that have expertise and the experience to offer the best deals; from resin flooring and car park coatings.

Here are some picks of a trusted eco-flor surface to go for:

vynil liquid

Liquid vinyl

To start with, it’s by far the most sustainable flooring you will find in the market. A self-smoothly, easy to clean, scratch resistant and non-slip flooring. Liquid vinyl is made of flexible polyethylene resin. It’s a popular choice to fit not only offices but also UK schools, hospitals and health centre, etc.


New Life Overvynil

Re you looking for a functioning type of flooring? Here’s a perfect match.  It’s ideal for commercial and retails environments. Besides, being environmentally friendly, this flooring is a practical choice since it’s possible to use your existing floor as a sub-floor when fitting it.


HTC Superfloor

It’s a winner among the polished concrete floors. This kind of floor is mode of a strong, reliable, long-lived and environment friendly material. As this is a natural material free from ecologically harmful chemicals, the effects on the environment are minimal.

smooth PU

Smooth PU Flooring

This stylish polyurethane flooring is a strong option in the market. It’s also a scratch-resistance model that can fit perfectly in warehouse and retail environments. Besides, it’s easy to be cleaned and maintain the facility spotless. Perfect to be used in a wet and dry food environment, for example.

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