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It seems to be clear that veganism goes far beyond the kind of food you eat. It concerns to nearly everything you can consume.

And vegan-friendly toothpaste is here to show that organic oral-hygiene has also to be taken seriously.

I have heard about White Glo products before at the popular drugstores, but I never tried it on. Up to now.

White Glo has a huge range of teeth whitening products. The White Glo Pure & Natural (RRP £5.99) is free from harsh chemicals, fluoride, peroxide, and bleaches. It’s a vegan, gluten-free, and made with organic ingredients.


An all-natural solution to the conventional kinds of toothpaste we find at the drugstores. But does it really work as a whitening vegan-friendly product? Let’s see!

First Impressions & Packaging

This White Glo edition was released last year, and it came with a free Eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush. I quite like the recyclable material. It’s also informative and at the same time, you have a glimpse of how the product inside it is. I don’t mind it doesn’t come in bright or vibrant colours. It informative and it’s enough.

However, I do not appreciate an organic product in a plastic squeezable tube. I would prefer that popular brand like White Glo would come up with a more sustainable material already.


This would be more appealing as a vegan-friendly product as well. Besides, this kind of hard plastic is difficult to be recycled.

The bamboo toothbrush also is packaged in plastic. Again, little details that make all the difference when you’re selling an eco-friendly product.


Does it work?  

I have been using the product for over a week now and I like the minty taste of it. It`s not that strong and it doesn`t give you that burning sensation. I presume it’s a good sign for people with sensitive teeth and not keen on strong flavoured oral products.


As a coffeeholic, I am expecting to see my teeth free of coffee stains. But I haven`t noticed big changes yet. I reckon it probably will take a while until I see the real benefits of total cleanliness and teeth whitening.

In a recent survey made by the brand itself shows that almost a third (31%) of Brits interviewed said to be unhappy with the colour of their teeth. Yep, tea and coffee stains can bring negative effects to the colour and the health of our teeth.


So, I am looking forward to see the results in some weeks.

The bio-gradable bamboo toothbrush is nice surprise. I have tried other brands before and I quite like the soft bristles of this one too. It’s light and certainly won`t hurt my gums. As I said before, I don’t like the plastic packaging that comes with it. But I am happy to keep trying this product for longer.

Overall, it’s a good product to try. A bit overpriced but you have to consider an extra item together with it.

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