The Best Podcasts for Long-Haul Flights

It’s nearly that time of the year when I start packing my stuff to visit my family in Brazil. The happiness of being with them is probably the most important thing that I carry with me.

However, I also need some real entertaining to face the usual 12-hour-flight from London to Sao Paulo.


Nowadays, most of the airline companies offer films, TV series, music, games, and even language courses. Everything to make the boredom of being 30,000 feet in the air more bearable, you know.

But sometimes everything we need is your own picks. I always have a book, my own studies to catch up, TV shows and music downloads, and of course, my favourite podcasts.

I confess to being a bit freestyle” when it comes to the terms of “how often” I do listen to podcasts. I used to be more consistent in the past when I was commuting to work. But there is a list that I will be listening to on the air (or on the ground) and I surely recommend you too.

Reproduction from Mamilos website


This one is in Portuguese, so I understand it’s not for everyone. My friend and student Helena was looking for something to listen and practise her Portuguese. There we go! She found a perfect match, and I am addicted to this too!

Hosted by the Brazilian journalists Juliana Wallauer and Cris Bartis, Mamilos focus on polemic and on spotlight issues that we usually see weekly on social media and the Internet.

What I like most about this podcast is the fact those subjects are debated in a civilised, respectful and impartial way; without forgetting to bring humour to the discussion as well. Love them!

the guilty feminist
Reproduction from The Guilty Feminist website

The Guilty Feminist

I’m a feminist, but confess that it took me ages to be into this podcast properly. It was just forgotten in the list of interesting ones.

Luckily, but my friend Melissa brought it to my attention again last year when we decided to buy a ticket to see the comedian and host of the show Deborah Frances-White this May in Birmingham.

I don’t think I need to explain what is this podcast about, but the sense of humour of Deborah conducting so well debates about such serious subjects got me straight away. Besides, the special guest always adds more interesting facts to the discussion. It’s brilliant.

findingn cleo
Reproduction from website

Finding Cleo

Crime investigation podcasts are incredibly popular. You probably heard about Serial or Dirty John  before, and fortunately, some of those cases are being debated on podcasts and brought to the attention of authorities.

Unsolved cases are being re-opened again and as sad as it seems, it has created a new pattern on crime investigations.

My husband is a massive fan of that kind of podcasts, and he introduced me to Finding Cleo. Hosted by Connie Walker; a senior investigative reporter who focused her on the unsolved case of missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. Yes, it’s touching and emotional. Maybe not a good match for everyone. But I am intrigued.

stuff you should know.jpg
Reproduction from Stuff You Should Know website

Stuff You Should Know

That is the standard one and I believe everybody knows this podcast. If not, what planet do you live? And it’s what it is: a place to educate yourself about curious facts that would couldn’t be bothered to find out more anywhere else.

It’s the fast food of informative and curious facts on the podcast. I love the hosts and it`s a hell of the famous podcast. I’m quite sure most of the airlines provide it on board, anyway.

mysterious universe.jpg
Reproduction from Mysterious Universe website

Mysterious Universe

That was probably one of the first podcast I have listened to. It has been hosted by for nearly 15 years now, and I can’t imagine anyone who never heard about this Aussie podcast before.

But in case you don’t, Mysterious Universe covers what is strange, inexplicable, weird and marvellous in the universe. It’s an atemporal podcast and I feel like being part of this conversation between friends in a bar.

Reproduction from Radiolab website


Created by Jad Abumrad and hosted by Jad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab is another gem. It`s not only the kind of show that will educate us about the most intriguing and interesting issues but also does it with an incredible sense of humour.

There is no limit here and pop culture keeps being reinvented, in which is my favourite discussion in life.

Reproduction from RuPaulpodcast website

RuPaul – What’s the Tee?

Another new adding to my favourite ones. I am obsessed with RuPaul fierce world of entertainment. Completely obsessed.

So, why not listening to his podcast too? Not just pure entertainment, but it also has some social engagement that we always expect to hear from RuPaul. Yes, he delivers fierceness and fun here as well. Michelle Visage is a perfect co-host, as you can imagine.

What are your favourite podcasts for road trips and long-halt flights? Let us know in the comments. 



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