Creative Bathroom Makeover Ideas

If you could start renovating a room in your house right now, what would be this room? My answer would be the bathroom. Let’s be honest. We spend a lot of time in it, and unless you are living in the house of your dreams, there is always something that needs to be changed in your house.

I would go for a complete makeover on my bathroom without even blinking. But how do we actually decide what should be considered a priority?

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Attention to details is the first step to have a successful project. If you don’t plan it properly, you will end up with unfinished business. And there is nothing more annoying than an incomplete refurbishment.

Secondly, you will need to stick with your budget. Start researching as soon as possible. Pinterest is a great place to get inspired. Besides, browsing the home decor ideas is always a fun job.

Last but not least, be creative and practical. Especially if you have a small bathroom. I guess I don’t need to explain why here.

Having it in mind, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Here is my list of what to keep or change in my bathroom.

shower cabin
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Shower or bath?

Shower, glorious shower! I have to confess something here. I don’t get the “bath hype vibe” that we usually see at houses in the UK.

As a Brazilian, it was too difficult to understand the functionality of bathtubs. It’s nice when you have two bathrooms in the house to now and then opt for having a good soak.

But unless you are a fine member of the Royal family, who else has too much time to have long baths nowadays? Not me!

Showers are practical, more economic and occupy less space, of course.

If the idea is to renovate, I would go straight for a nice shower cabin. It’s innovative, modern and leak free; which is a quite important feature to consider.  And to be honest, they are cheaper to be fitted than most of the bathtubs in the market.

Some of those Insignia Shower Cubicles, for example, have quite affordable monthly payments. It’s value for money, plus, guaranteed quality shower.

I wouldn’t think twice. That is the kind of practicality and style I am looking for when renovating my bathroom.

mosaic tiles
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Mosaic Tiles

I do love mosaic. I think it’s temporal and it gives a vibrant and colourful aspect to your bathroom. Besides, there is no limit for creativity here. Whether using it to style the boards or fitting the whole wall, decorative mosaic tiles can transform your bathroom for good.

Plus, there are so many models and colours to choose from that it’s impossible to get bored.

storage by made
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Sticking to my plan on being more sustainable has helped me to avoid cluttering. For this reason, I wouldn’t go over the top in storage ideas. Basket cases and shelves have worked better than corner cabinets on my bathroom.

It keeps towels, toilet papers and toiletries organised. Besides, it doesn’t take up too much space. Something to consider, if you have a small bathroom.

A stylish mirror would be another essential piece to jazz up my bathroom. It would make all difference in this renovating project and enhance the space.

Cover Photo by Jeremy Levine Design on / CC BY

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