Home Improvement Ideas when Living with Seniors

You may be a bit young and don’t need to think about it right now, but the truth is that sooner or later all of us will need to make our home seniors-friendly for some reason. One of the most common reasons: elderly people need to live in a space where mobility and comfort walk along hand in hand.

After all, it’s your home and it needs to be as cosy as possible. The Age UK has released this helpful and illustrative infographic on Adapting your Home for easier living that pinpoints some important topics to be considered. Make sure to check all regulations that come together with all those improvement work.

Here is a list of what you should consider changing in the future:

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Install Grab bars

We don’t need to be elderly people to know that bathrooms can be by far, the most dangerous room in the house. Installing grab bars in slippery surfaces can make it safer, and avoid serious accidents. It also helps us to access bathtubs and shower cubics with easier.

You can find a professional to install it, or you can do it by yourself using online tutorials. Grab bars are the best tool to make a perfect accessible bathroom.

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Consider fitting a Home Lift

If budget isn’t an issue, would you consider to install a home lift? For some families, it may be a luxurious item, and for others, it will certainly help people to move around on a more practical way.

But how to choose the best home lift? To start with, it’s fundamental to search for the right professional services. Then, be prepared to find the best lift solution to your home. There are several types of lifts available; from compact to luxury ones.

The Axess 2 Home Lifts combine technology, design and style necessary to make the product that can fit in your needs.

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Choose Practical Kitchen Accessories

 The kitchen is another room in the house that can bring serious risks for elderly people. Their mobility is not the same, so make sure to make this space also age-proof. The first step to give is making the floor slip resistant.

Then, think about small changes that can make their life easier such as keeping appliances like oven and sink near to each other. Here are more valuable tips on keeping your Kitchen safer.

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Invest in Remote-controlled appliances

 It’s important to have remote controlled appliances sometimes when you are struggling to reach objects or switching them on. Adjustable appliances and furniture can literally be quite handy for elderly people. It doesn’t matter if it’s about a blind at the window or a bed; we always can make it easier and simple for them.

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