Relaxing Selfcare Day | At Home Spa Routine

Whether you had a busy week or not, there is always that special day of the week when everyone should slow down and treat themselves to some relaxing time.

But It doesn’t need to be a spa day. You can make it in the comfort of your own home. Take some time to yourself! You just need to follow easy steps to make the most of it and pick your favourite relaxation routine from head to toe. Here is my pick:


Set the Mood with Music

I like to listen to chill out playlists to set the mood for a relaxing moment. There are several playlists on Deezer or Spotify that can put you in the right mood for the day. But I usually go straight to YouTube because I love the Chilled Cow channel. It’s 24/7 guaranteed relaxation.

To help you set the mood, why not investing in a chair recliner? Visit to find your perfect one.


Aromatherapy fusion

Nothing can be more pleasant than a nice fragrance to get you straight to that spa-day mood. I have been using Sleep, a hand-crafted essential oil blend.

This vegan-friendly oil has a relaxing fusion of bergamot, chamomile, lavender and vetiver essential oils apricot kernel oil that promises to bring calmness and well-being.

Sleep Essential Oil Blend.jpg

I do like my aromatherapy rituals, but I confess this one essential oil has stepped out of the game. The soothing aroma has helped me to relax not only before sleeping but also during the day, especially after my energetic teaching sessions.

I have used it in a diffuser, but you can also apply the oil to a sleep mask or vaporiser. It not just set me in the right mood to sleep, but also helps during the day when I feel stressed.


Natural Moisturising

If the idea is to relax, moisturising can be a must-do. I have been using Sinivalia – Lavender Body Lotion for a while now and I am absolutely in love with it. This moisturiser has certainly helped me to calm down before sleeping and it’s perfect to control my mood and relieve nerve tensions.

Sinivalia is a natural and organic anti-ageing skincare free of paraben, sulphate and cruelty-free.

It’s known that lavender has been used to nourish and heal cells in your body for thousands of years working as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Its quite soothing aroma is not overpowering at all and this body lotion absolves quickly into my skin, keeping it smooth and nourished. Made for oily and sensitive skin, this natural anti-ageing lotion can be perfect for anti-wrinkle treatment after a shower, bath or for cellulite Massage.

I am quite happy with this body lotion, and I am looking forward to trying its natural range of skincare products.


Cleansing Face Mask

I have quite sensitive skin, so it’s not all skincare or makeup products that will suit me best. For a relaxing time at home, I usually keep myself “make up free” for the day, of course.

I usually use a face mask sheet, or I can also pick a favourite cleansing mask like the Omorovicza’s ones that are natural moor mud masks.


Foot Spa

What are the benefits of a foot spa? Several. Hydrotherapy improves your circulation and relief daily pressure. Taking care of your foot can be easier than you imagine. All you need is a some essential oils, Epsom salt and if you don’t have a bubble foot spa, warm water in a bowl can do the job.


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