British Tourism & Travel Show 2019 Highlights

British Tourism & Travel Show 2019 is an annual meeting held at the NEC in Birmingham to showcase the UK’s and Ireland tourism industry latest domestics touring ideas and attractions to follow without leaving the country.

It was my second year visiting the event inn searching for some inspiration in the local travel industry.


Its needless to say that you always end up coming back home full of new ideas of holiday plans and routes to track.

Our Midlands were also well represented with Original Shrewsbury,  Birmingham Museum Trust and Visit Coventry that once again put together an inspiring package of information about the historic and cultural spot that is UK City of Culture 2021.



Just loved the way they presented important music heritage like Mp3 player with some The Special songs introduced by the 2-Tone Village – an area just outside Coventry City Centre that celebrates the 2-Tone heritage with a corner sub-culture shop, the Hall of Fame Memorabilia store. Plus, the Coventry Music Wall of Fame and The Coventry Music Museum.


Simon Calder – The views of Britain Tourism After Brexit

Besides, it was just a joy to hear the curious insights into the travel industry and his views on Britain after Brexit by the Senior Travel Editor of the Independent and renowned journalist Simon Calder.

The changes are uncertain, but it was enlightening to understand that challenges that comes to tourists that decides to stay in Britain as next holiday destination. “We still have something of challenge with in some circumstances to offer to people. Particularly in catering industry,” he says.


He also highlights that cities like Barcelona, that is usually overcrowded, and its population don’t see it with good eyes anymore for obvious reasons.


It’s not a big problem yet for British tourism that may have cities like Edinburgh and London that receives an extensive number of tourists a year, but there are other plenty of destinations to discover here.


If you didn’t have the chance to check his talk at #BTTS19, it’s actually quite interesting to read his special articles on it: “Brexit and Travel: Everything you need to know with 100 Days to Go and Travelling to Europe After Brexit: How will your Holiday be Affected ?” But the way, we actually have less than 100 days to think about it.

But travelling locally is what British Tourism & Travel Show has to offer best, so here are my other highlights of this year’s event:


Swinging 1960’s Experience – It’s impossible to not think about music when you think about the UK. Imagine being part of a guided bus tour highlighting venues and cultural locations in the streets of London, London – the capital of legendary 60’s music.

From Beatles to Rolling Stones heritage, this unique tour brings to iconic destinations such as Royal Albert Hall, Hendel Hendrix House, among others.


Marine Conservation Society – The concern with a more responsible and sustainable tourism should walk together with any holiday idea that comes to your mind.

Living in a country that has an immense coastline (with Scotland representing 10% of Europe’s coastline) is fundamental to highlight the importance of fighting for a pollution free sea from now to go. It’s our responsibility as travellers as well.


Storyteller – That is something quite exciting. The kind of project that I would like to know more about it. The company has a social mission of making education accessed by less fortunate communities.

This month, the storyteller travellers will fly out to Nepal and India to work with renovate education spaces, mini-libraries, among other social projects.


Visit Liverpool – It’s not a secret to anyone that Liverpool is one of my favourite cities. Not only for its music heritage, captivating football teams, but also for its historical features. So, here’s what is coming to the city this year:



2019 is the 50th anniversary since Beatles released Abbey Road, the number one album and my favourite one as well. So, if you are a fan, there are a lot of to be seen and experienced at the Magical Beatles Museum, for example. Besides, the Strawberry Field visitor centre will be opening its gates for the first time to the public. Another important site for Beatles fans.

Visit Scotland – I usually visit a stand of destinations that I would like to explore a bit more in the future. Last year, I spent quite a lot of time talking to people about Cornwall. This year, I had some great insights to visit in the south of Scotland.

When we think about Scottish tourism, we tend to point to the north and had to the Highlands. Fair enough. However, I had another perspective of this fascinating country finding out more about Galloway and Hawick, where we can find the famous tartans.

I got particularly interested in visiting Duns in some point. Considering that I have been very closed to that area when I was in Northumberland some years ago.


Jailhouse Tours – What about a guided prison tour? It’s fascinating to know we have the chance to visit two historic penitentiaries: Shrewsbury in Shropshire & Shepton Mallet in Somerset.

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