Choosing the Best Designer Radiator for Your Home

The spring finally has sprung! The temperatures started to rise, but we still feel the necessity of having the heating on. After all, nothing can beat a warm and comfy room at home to chillax.

I have found out the importance of having the right heating system only after moving to the UK. Whether a column, most of the houses and apartments are equipped with some sort of radiator.

But where to start, if you need to replace the old ones? There are many facts to consider when choosing the best radiator for your home. Cost, design, space, quality and functionality are fundamental items to put on this list. As well as style!

Whether vertical or horizontal models, there is always a modern electric radiator to fit your needs. From flat-panels to classic white ones, here are some of the best designer radiators to pick in the market:



Cirque Radiator – Vertical Tubes

Wouldn’t you just love a model like this in a spacious kitchen? A lava-ly radiator is an ultimate match for a modern room. It’s minimalist and highly versatile. Its patented horseshoe-shaped tubes are designed to provide mighty heat.


Core Column Radiators

That is probably a winner for me! Another stunning model that goes perfectly in a rustic ambient in the house. This model is made of bare metal has an industrial-chic design, but it fits in both contemporary and traditional rooms.


Blackboard Radiator

A multi-using piece. Who said radiators need to be boring? Another modern vertical design to make the most of your space, and it’s perfect to fit in a kitchen or playroom.

Hands up to another practical and practical type of radiator that is available in different sizes. It’s not only made to keep your home warm but also to entertain the whole family.


Hot Spring Designer Radiator

You have to agree that sometimes “beauty is found in simple things” indeed. Here’s a classic example of this statement. I just love how a modern designer radiator like this can be such a powerful machine as well. Not only elegant but also practical.


Quad-line radiator

Sometimes, all you need is the right piece to compound a contemporary room in your house. This modern electric designer radiator is the answer to your renovating project. The quad-line designer is a straightforward style that can stand out in a living room or a dining room. Its square tube radiator is made of aluminium.


Colori-Column Radiator

Let’s put a bit of colour in your room with a gorgeous colour-column model. It’s a classic steel column radiator that comes in different colours and sizes. A perfect match to children’s room or smaller spaces where it’s needed a few vibrant colours.

Unfortunately, the model in the picture is used only to illustrate the range of colours available. But let’s be honest. It would be just great to have a colour rainbow like this one, don’t you think?

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