#Brelcome | Portugal welcomes British Tourists with or without Brexit

While the tourism industry tries to deal with the idea of Great Britain leave the EU in a near future, Portugal steps forward and launches a campaign #Brelcome – Portugal will never leave you to keep encouraging British tourists to visit the country.

The British market is the largest one emitter of tourists to Portugal. Last year, the country received 1.8 million tourists from the United Kingdom and, according to the data available so far, in January 2019 we saw a growth of 6.4% (71,400) in the number of guests coming from Britain.

We talked to Luís Araújo, the president of Turismo de Portugal, to know more about a campaign that already reached four million people in the UK.


Midlands Traveller: What is the purpose of the #Brelcome campaign?

Luís Araújo: The #Brelcome campaign is one of the actions that integrate the contingency plan of Portugal for the UK market, designed to minimise the consequences of a possible exit from this country of the European Union.

Among the measures adopted by the Portuguese Government, it also includes an online service line and an information area at  VisitPortugal portal.


Portugal has been a pioneer in the adoption of this contingency plan in Europe, ensuring that Britons meet the travel conditions they currently enjoy, namely visa exemption for trips under 90 days, creation of dedicated passport lines for UK flight at the airports, use of health insurance or recognition of driving licenses.

Our beaches, flavours, golf courses and music festivals are considered unparalleled experiences. And with Brexit or without Brexit, Portugal wants British citizens to know that they are always welcome in our country.

In about fifteen days, the #Brelcome campaign has already impacted all the millions of people in the UK.


MT: How important is the British tourist to the Portuguese market?

LA: The British market is the largest emitter of tourists to Portugal. In 2018 we received 1.8 million tourists from the United Kingdom and, according to the data available so far, in January 2019 we saw a growth of 6.4% (71,400) in the number of guests coming from this market.

The measures in progress were adopted precisely to maintain this performance and minimise any possible impacts that Brexit might have on tourism and the ability of Brits to travel abroad.

MT: What can British tourists expect for the summer in Portugal?

LA: Portugal is the “Best Tourist Destination in the World”, with the “Best Destination City Break in the World” (Lisbon), the “Best Insular Destination in the World” (Madeira), the “Best Beach Destination in Europe” (Algarve) and the “Best Golf Destination in the World”.


And it is with this reiterated international recognition that Portugal presents itself to all those who intend to visit, but also seek us to live, study and invest.

We are currently a country that has a diversified and differentiated offer at all levels and that can be enjoyed at any time of year and throughout the territory.

Whether it is to experience Portuguese history and heritage, gastronomy and wines, enjoy a few days of beach or attend a music festival, Portugal offers an unparalleled tourist experience.


MT: What attractions are most sought after by British tourists in Portugal?

LA: The British market has a particular presence in the Algarve and Madeira regions, and the motivation for holidays is essentially beach, golf, climate and gastronomy.

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