Essential Repairing Services to Make Your Life Easier

This is it! You’re a grown adult now and officially invited to enjoy the wonders of living on your own.

On the other hand, it also will come with many responsibilities too. Home maintenance can be one of the most stressful chores that you will have to face whether living in a rented place or owning a new property.

This Ultimate checklist of home maintenance will prepare yourself to keep on top of important repairing services that will need to be done sooner or later.

Some of those services can be done by yourself, but some other ones need the supervision of a professional service. After all, it’s always better safe than sorry.

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Cleaning the heating – I just published a post on best designer radiators, but it’s also important to highlight that is not every time that you will need to change it for a new model. However, a full check-up of boilers it’s something to consider, especially after the winter. Turning off the system and clean it properly.

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Plumbing – Here is a service that I would never put my hands on. I have no clue about what is going on under the sinks and toilets. And I have nightmares just to start thinking about what can get wrong when those things start leaking.

My father would say that maintenance can easily be done by myself. But to be honest, it does not matter if you need a boiler installation in London or a plumber in Loughton, it’s always better to count on a professional and experienced service.


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Smoke alarms detectors – That’s the kind of maintenance service that you usually would expect to be working 100% and 24/7, but the truth is that many accidents with fire at home could be prevented if your smoke alarms are regularly checked.

So, it’s always better to do double-check it. If you are living in a rental home, also keep track of the dates of inspections and if you are a house owner, consider installing smart alarm systems.


Managing condensation – Every winter is the same in the UK, we keep our windows closed and most of the house and flats have mold building up due to the condensation. It can be caused by different factors; from heating temperatures to ventilation in your rooms.

Open the windows is still the best way of managing and preventing condensation. However, it can cause serious health issues such as breathing problems.


Kitchen and bathroom fittings – That’s another task that can become your next DIY project. But it’s not for me. Sorry, not sorry.

If you have a bathtub at home, you will understand how annoying is dealing with leaking at sinks and bathtubs.

We do need to apply silicone sealant at the bathtub quite often, and it’s always left in the hands of a professional contracted by my landlord that makes sure that everything is supported correctly.

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