6 Top DIY Carpet Maintenance Tricks

It might seem like an impossible task to keep the carpets in your house in perfect order without hiring a professional service.

Busy schedules and calendar filled weeks in advance can give you the impression of not having enough time to learn how to maintain the carpets looking new. Fortunately, the task of keeping your rugs in perfect shape is less complicated than it appears to be. With this list of simple tips, you are going to be able to learn how to DIY.

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  1. Remove your shoes

The best way to protect yourself from having to clean the carpets too often is to remove your shoes right after you step inside your home. Removing your shoes might be a hard habit to break, but it is well worth the try.

Dirt carried on the footwear from the outside will make your carpets and floors, in general, look stained. Not only that but imagine the number of bacteria that you carry in every time you do that.

Instead of wearing your outdoor shoes, consider buying a pair of comfortable slippers that you can wear inside your home. You can encourage your guest to do the same, by providing sandals for them to wear when they visit you.

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  1. Welcome mats

Welcoming mats are a simple trick that can protect your carpets in the long run. Welcoming mats don’t need to be used only in front of the front door but come handy protecting your carpets from being damaged. Consider placing thin mats on the areas where there is a high chance of spillage.



  1. Vacuum regularly

No matter the material out of which your carpet is made, vacuuming it at least every other day will prolong the carpet’s life. If you have small children or pets, the carpet needs to be cleaned daily. The reason for doing so is to prevent dirt build-up in the base of the rug.

Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets before vacuuming to remove any odour. While vacuuming is good, it is essential to choose the right method for your carpet, based on the type of material it is made from.

Pile carpets can take heavy vacuum cleaning, while loop carpets are supposed to be vacuumed with suction only. Choosing the right method can save you money in the long run.

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  1. Remove stains right after they appear

When stains occur, take a white cloth and with blotting motions remove the stain. Don’t rub because that will only spread and set the smudge. When the area is nearly dry, vacuum it to prevent mould formation. Removing stains can take a lot of time if left for later.

  1. Have an emergency carpet kit

A couple of clean towels, a box of baking soda and dry carpet cleaning liquid should always be kept within reach. This will save you time when carpet emergencies occur.

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  1. Protect your carpet from the sun

Sun can do damage to all sorts of materials and carpets are no exception. If you own dark coloured carpets, consider pulling down the shades during the day to protect your carpet from unnecessary damage.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to keep your carpet in excellent condition without having to rely on professional carpet cleaning services too often.

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