Tips for Relaxing your Body and Soul After Long Haul Flights

I know that spending a short or long time on a plane is stressful and tiring for most of us. And if your trip is not on holiday purposes, it can become a hard task too.

However, there are some tips and techniques that can make you feel renewed to embrace all activities planned in your destination. After all, taking some time to recover after landing is as important as relaxing on-board or enjoying your trip.

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Make Some Time For Yourself

I know it can be a bit tricky if you are on a business trip. But you will probably find that time in the end of the day to have a long bath, read a book or even catch up with the last episode of the TV show you never have time to watch.

It doesn’t need to be something big and complicated. Sometimes, a simple walk around the block will help you recharge the batteries. Don’t forget to put your phone on flight mode to disconnect you from the world for a while. At least, for a while, okay?

Steam Shower Aromatherapy

I have been into aromatherapy for quite a while now for mental and physical purposes. It has been proven its numerous benefits, such as improving your circulation, helping to beat cold and flu symptoms, and of course, relaxing.

So, if you are lucky enough to have a steam shower in the hotel or place you are staying, just make the most of it. Steam shower aromatherapy is not a new trendy, it has been here for a while, and it is also is proven to be a safe, effective relaxing method.

We can use essential oil blends in the most different ways, inclusive in steam showers. Lavender essential oils, for example, are perfect matches for preparing your body and mind for a restful sleep night. So, research on the properties of your favourite fragrance. So, give it a go.


Have a good night of sleep

I know. Hotel beds sometimes can be a gamble. Or you are going to get the most comfortable one or end up feeling like sleeping on a brick. The truth is that sleep deprivation is dangerous, and it can cause fatigue, stress, and other serious damage to your health.

Set the mood for a good night of sleep with some chilled-out music, and earplugs if possible. A good first night of sleep after long hours in the air will be crucial to set your body clock to face a new time zone and deal with jet lag as well.

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Keep yourself hydrated 

 As you may know, it’s not natural for human beings to be stuck on a metal box for long hours without exercising or moving too much around. Long flights are detrimental to our bodies in several aspects.

Besides, airplanes make your skin drier than usual. Hydrating before, during, and after your long haul flight is a must do a task.

I am not only talking about having a reusable bottle of water around but also using moisturisers, oils, and anything else that can keep your body hydrated and help you to relax. It can also be a perfect time to try some massage if it’s available in your accommodation. Keep yourself hydrated no matter what.

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