Wilderness Holiday | What’s your favourite type of camping?

I do confess that camping is still something that needs to grow on me. The idea of spending the night outdoors sleeping on a tent in the middle of a forest or a remote sight gives me goose bumps. Or maybe I should watch less horror films.

Anyways, the truth is that camping doesn’t need to be only related to “sleeping on a tent inside a sleeping bag”.


There are different ways of enjoying the wilderness with loved ones. Fortunately, it’s easier that you imagine spending more time next to the nature, and there are many different types of camping for all tastes and budgets.

But what is the best deal when talking about camping?



To start with, green tourism is motivating people to travel with more responsibility and awareness of environmental problems. Secondly, it’s quite easy to find an Eco-camping site in the UK. So, why not keep it simple going for a basic tent camping?

It’s the most popular form of outdoor holiday and it’s a good option for big families, couple and group of friends. Besides, it always will be exciting to prepare your own food outdoor and wake up with stunning views of British countryside landscapes.



I know it seems not that legit, but the truth is glamping can be as wild as camping on a tent. I have stayed in a glamping pod in Cornwall once and it was one of the best travelling sites I have tried.

As the name suggests, glamping is combines the adventurous and traditional camping in the wild to the comfort and “glamour” amenities of a hotel room.

Glamping spots can be a bit over the top sometimes, I know. The ideal thing to do is always finding the balance between the glamour and adventure spirit without forgetting to explore what nature has best.

Reproduction from http://www.tent-box.com

Car tent Camping

Here’s something I would love to try, but never had the chance – car tent camping.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just wished that every holiday outdoors was planned without dealing with the stress of putting a tent up after driving for hours.

Car tent camping keeps it as minimalist as possible and makes the great outdoors experience practical and straight-forward. Love it!

The concept is quite simple: have a waterproof tent attached to the roof of your car and pick your favourite holiday site. Voilá!

Besides, The benefits of having a car tent when travelling in rainy days are numerous:

  • No worries about dealing with a wet tent.
  • Comfy and cosy bed sorted with the blink of an eye. All you need to do is popping up your car tent.
  • No need to move around when you can literally park it in any suitable camping area. Benefits that a conventional camping tent won’t guarantee for you.

It’s probably the ideal type of camping for couples looking for some remote adventure too. Some car tents are spacious enough to fit two adults and a small child, for example.

I think car tent camping is a quite interesting investment considering that you’ll not need to worry about booking accommodation for a while, if the idea is making then most of a wilderness getaway.

I’m keen on the whole experience and it would be a dream to travel carry my own accommodation around to explore places like Forest of Dean or Kielder forest, for example. Bring it on!



Another type of camping way in the UK, but I confess that it’s not my favourite one. I have stayed in single static caravans in remote areas of the country before, but not in caravan sites where you can park your vehicle or rent a static one.

These are perfect spots for families because it comes with the whole “package” included in the facilities; from toilets with showers to pool and even playground. Not my cup of tea at all. Sorry!

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Campervans and Motorhomes

On the other hand, that kind of camping is on my top list of travelling experiences. I can’t wait to start planning a campervan trip for the outskirts of New Zealand or Californian  coast.

Imagine driving through the most stunning sites, enjoying the comfort of your  LED-equipped RV,or “on the road accommodation”. That tick all boxes for me. 

Cover Photo by Teemu R from Pexels

What about you? Tell me in the comments what is your favourite type of camping. 

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  1. Tim and Joanne,
    Thanks for your comment. A RV van holiday seems to be so much. I can`t wait to have the opportunity of being on the road in one motorhome someday. 🙂

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