9 Most Amazing Places to Visit in Spain this Summer

What is the first thing that comes in your mind when you hear about Spain? Barcelona, for its architecture? Or maybe Madrid, for Plaza Mayor? Of course, they both are flawless and amazing cities, but there are other tempting cities and islands that can blow your mind.

Spain is loaded with historical displays, breathtaking beauty, fun loving people and amazing colourful festivals. Spain never dulls a traveller’s moment during their travel time.

Here we have the best places for you to visit.



It is one of the most visited cities in the country. Barcelona has it all, Mediterranean beaches, stunning natural beauty, extraordinary architecture, and buzzing nightlife.

It is a fun place for weekends and streets are always full of cool stuff to do and explore. Along with endless options for places to eat and party, Barcelona is famous for its marvellous architecture by Antoni Gaudi, such as Casa Batllo, Sagrada Familia church. If you don’t visit Barcelona during your visit to Spain, your trip isn’t complete.



Madrid, the capital of Spain, is mostly known for its liveliest nightlife. It has a large plaza, Puerta del Sol, which is the most vibrant part of Madrid.

This is the heritage of royal places, manicured parks, and full packed streets. Plaza Mayor is another important square which is known for its San Miguel Market.



It is famous for its delicious cuisine, historical sites which are one of the best-preserved sites in Spain and stunning beaches. It is a well-known summer holiday destination for European and British. Another amazing fact about the city is that the renowned artist Pablo Picasso was born here.

Photo by Jorge Madera Martínez from Pexels

 San Sebastian

It is situated at the Bay of Biscay, 12 miles away from the French border and the most famous destination in Spain. The San Sebastián International Film Festival is the main reason for its international reorganisation.

The food culture here is the cherry on top for this place to visit. It is designed with amazing architecture with a touch of Gothic style. It has a beautiful beach named as Concha Beach which is a shell-shaped cove.

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Mallorca, also known as Majorca, is the largest Spanish island. It is well developed and has a mesmerising scenic view. It has beach resorts and few adventures for everyone like biking along the trails on the mountain paths and cliffs, golf course.

Mostly famous for sunny beaches, historical architecture, mountain landscape, and parties. Its beaches have clear greenish blue water along with stunning white sand. If you are looking for a great mixture of culture, charm, and excitement, plan a trip to Mallorca by visiting https://www.interhome.co.uk/spain/mallorca/.


It is the third largest Spanish island known for its nightlife, the summer club scene and electronic dance music which attracts most of the tourism. It is also a popular destination for relaxing retreats and yoga. The most beautiful and vibrant things about Ibiza is its sunset which is mesmerising to your eyes.



It is one of the most incredible city to travel in Spain. It has many Islamic architectures and you can feel Arabic influence on the streets. You can explore stunning ancient fortresses, castles and a royal palace with luxurious gardens.

It offers you a perfect mixture of amazing nightlife, traditional culture and eye-catching attractions such as Alhambra, a Moorish art.


This is the third biggest city in Spain. It has amazing nightlife, a lot of tasty places to eat, an opera house and futuristic city of Arts and Sciences. Fallas Festival is a traditional celebration of this city. It is hosted in March where paper-mâché figures of all sizes and colors are displayed by the neighborhoods. During the final night of the festival, these figures are burnt in a huge bonfire and that ceremony is known as La Cremà.

Photo by javier gonzalez from Pexels


The capital of Andalusia, Seville, is famous for its Flamenco culture. It is a southern Spanish art form which is dramatic, passionate and melancholy. Mudéjar-style palace Alcázar is a breathtaking architecture with luxurious gardens and famous historical sites in Seville. It is also the cultural and financial capital of the region.


There is a lot of options when it comes to finding accommodation in Spain and is quite cheap when compared to Western European countries. But it is always a good idea to pre-book your stay during the peak season to avoid any conflict.

Remember, Spain is more than just a bullfighting and flamenco dance. It will always excite your senses. Whether you are looking for culture and fun or cuisine and history, there is something for every person over there, just choose the right destination.

Cover Photo by Flo Dahm from Pexels

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