What I Ate Wednesday | Eating Out in Digbeth

I usually go to Digbeth for two reasons nowadays: to check out new graffiti and visit The Clean Kilo. Two good reasons, I agree.

But it’s a shame I keep forgetting there are so many great places to eat around Custard Factory and Digbeth’s high street itself. One of my favourite restaurants, The Warehouse Café, was just re-opened.


Not to mention that popping to Digbeth Dining Club once a month should be compulsory for any resident of Brum.

Being on the other side of the city doesn’t help either. But with no more lame excuses, I had to Digbeth with a friend to try new restaurants and cafes last week.


Brunch at Kanteen

I wanted to visit Kanteen since its opening back in 2017. And it’s good to see it’s still growing strong as one more favourite laid-back spot to eat in the Custard Factory.

So, here we were – ready for a casual brunch there.

I usually don’t do brunches, but don’t get me wrong. I do love nice healthy and creative food. I just forget brunches are a thing, and to go for lunch or dinner instead. I know. Boring.


First impressions of Kanteen? friendly and smiley staff, delicious display of cakes (with thousands of vegan and gluten-free options), and smell of good food. I loved its decor as well.

Colourful version of American diner booths (I love them!) and plants everywhere, colourful furniture, and retro pictures. Very Instagrammable, to say the least.


The environment is chilled out in Digbeth style. You will understand if you are from Birmingham. The menu is filled with healthy and creative food indeed.

There were so many options that I would go for, like any of the gorgeous posh toasts, but we both went for the poached eggs.


I had a picked Beet -middle eastern spiced beets with labneh yogurt, grilled halloumi, and dressed salad; while my friend picked the Ham Hash – serrano ham, hash potatoes, roast tomatoes, and lemon aioli.

That is exactly the kind of food I would like to have for brunch. Tasty and nutritious food with a bit of twist. Food is elegantly presented, and it’s in the correct size portion.


I loved the combination of the spiced beet with labneh yogurt. Brunch approved! And yes, I would ask for more! I still can’t believe why took me so long to visit Kanteen, to be honest.

We were so tempted to have dessert there. But there were decided to look for more Digbeth gems for coffee and pudding.


Cakes at Digbeth Works

Tracking back to the High street we find some cafes and restaurants that are definitely worth to visit. Digbeth Works is one of them is a new addition to the area.

At least, I believe this restaurant, cafe, and bar seems to be recently open. It’s placed next to the Digbeth Institute and it seems to be a place to have some food and drinks before a gig.


I confess I wasn’t expecting this place to serve pan-Asian food. But its menu looks delicious. I never would think it was possible to find tempura in Digbeth.

It’s definitely a place to go for food next time I’m in that area. But we were craving cakes and a nice chocolate one did the trick.


I love the industrial and rustic vibe of this place. The staff is super friendly too, and the music is good.


African coffee at Karibu

Imagine how excited was to know there is an independent themed African coffee shop in Digbeth. As a legit Brazilian citizen, I love my coffee and its origins which are all related to African culture, of course.

We usually feel at home when meeting in a place like this. Karibu Coffee House is a family-run independent business located on Digbeth’s high street as well.


This is not only an average place to grab a nice chai tea, it’s a gem that serves style and authentic Tanzanian vibes. Wow!


I was just wow-ing the decor at this place. It’s all about colours and good vibes. The staff is super friendly too and my friend and I ended up spending several hours there sipping away some of the best hot drinks in town.


I just loved to have the taste of an authentic Kahawa  – a special African coffee that is served with (a massive) dates.


This special African special is renowned for its quality and it reminds me of Turkish coffee in a way. Karibu serves paninis, salads, teas, cakes, and is the most vibrant coffee spot in Digbeth. I am totally hooked!

What about you? What’s your favourite food and drink spot in Digbeth? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Simone Ribeiro
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