5 Eco-friendly bedroom Ideas

The whole process of going green for good has some tough challenges sometimes. It must be done gradually, and in a way that can be enjoyable to everyone making part of this. If it concerns to your home, it also will need some research and creativity.

Thinking about it, I am putting together some Eco-friendly bedroom ideas to create a more sustainable and relaxing atmosphere. After all, it’s the room of the house that needs to be comfortable.

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Natural lighting

It’s may sound silly, but it’s always good to remember that longer days in the summer helps us to save a lot of electricity. I try to make the most of all-natural light in the bedroom as possible. It’s also an excellent way of avoiding mould in the walls and also helps to alleviate the symptoms of SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

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Comfy and sustainable beds

I guess everyone agree that the most important piece in the bedroom is your bed. And we are look enough to have nice and comfy one’s options out there. However, is it possible to think Eco-friendly and comfy when talking about the right choice of bed?

I can say yes to this answer with two words: choose recycled. My bed is a second-hand item. It’s comfy and I guess, I am doing a bit of good job in recycling it. You can find thousands of great deals on Eco-friendly mattresses as well. Not to mention that solid wood furniture looks elegant at any environment.


Go for Organic and Ethically sourced bed linen

The right bed linen also plays an important role in the process of making your bedroom a comfortable and creative environment. I usually buy my bedding items in Brazil because of the quality of the products.

I am not going to lie, they used to last longer, but I have recently spotted my cotton sheets are getting a bit scruffy earlier than expected nowadays. Maybe is it a right time for some change?

There are plenty of organic bedding brands out there. These companies are investing heavily to produce organic and fair-trade products that will not only out stand in the market but will also make it comfortable and stylish.

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 Plants do it better

Simple as that. Unfortunately, I only can keep my plants in the kitchen because I have a cat that adores eating them. But If I could, I would spread plants all over my bedroom. The benefits of having them at house are numerous. From reducing stress to natural wellness, plants have the power to heal and bring us piece of mind.

Indoor plants are not a piece of decoration, but fundamental tool to make your bedroom cosier. It also looks better than all pieces of plastic tats that are normally chosen to decor the house.

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