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Even though our little toddlers aren’t on the same level as us when it comes to verbal communication, it’s still important that you regularly engage in conversation with your toddler.

By hearing you speak, they can learn new words, learn how to convey emotion through language and increase their confidence when it comes to communicating with adults, as well as their friends at nursery.

Since communication is a vital skill and something that needs to be mastered during a child’s developmental years, it’s important that both parents and nursery staff regularly have engaging conversations with toddlers.

Talking to your toddlers can also help you to gain a better understanding of how they are feeling. By giving them the chance to talk, you can check up on your toddler and gain useful insight into their thoughts and feelings.

If you’re a parent looking for ways you can talk to your toddler, this infographic by Winchmore preschool is ideal. Containing insights from a leading nursery, you’ll be able to learn some key toddler communication skills that you can easily apply into your daily routines.

Cover Photo by Itati Tapia from Pexels



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