School Playtime Fun – A Guide to Safe Play

Playtime is such an important element of the school day. Not only does it give children a chance to refresh their minds and come back to the classroom feeling ready to learn, but it also gives them the opportunity to develop important skills that they can apply to real-life.

There’s plenty you can do to amplify fun and safe playtime experiences and encourage children to utilise their time to the fullest! From suggesting safer clothing to wear to choosing the right playground equipment for your school, you can ensure your students are enjoying fun and safe play every break time.

Playtime includes different elements of play and it’s important to make sure that children feel comfortable to engage in all kinds. We’re talking role play, nature play and physical play, which includes climbing over obstacles, running and jumping.

Whilst it’s always important to supervise children on their playtime, it’s also important to give them some space and independence so they can work on key skills such as communication, motor skills and coordination.

Are you looking for easy ways you can encourage fun and safe play for young children/school students? If so, this infographic is for you!


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