Tips for Landlords Renting Property

There are many steps involved in becoming a local landlord of a rented property. Not only are there many legal requirements, not just those as a landlord but also involving conveyancing solicitors when buying an investment property in the first place. There’s also a lot of personal responsibility that you must take on when renting your property.

For example, you’ll need to make sure your property has the correct insurance, as well as make sure the property is in sound condition before putting it on the market. Once you’ve done this, you’ll need to think about other important factors such as health and safety, energy performance and water safety.

With so many different aspects of being a landlord to remember, each one is just as important as the other, it can be difficult to know where to start.

That’s where Affitto comes in. With extensive knowledge of property letting and letting services, Affitto has compiled a list of the top tips and tricks for new landlords who want to kickstart their letting journey in the best way possible.

Eager to learn more and get all the information you need? Then this is the perfect infographic for you.

Cover Photo by Juhasz Imre from Pexels


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