How to Choose the Right Nursery

Finding the perfect nursery in Wandsworth for your child can be a challenge. Not only do you need to find somewhere close and accessible but also somewhere that provides the utmost care and safety for your child.

There are many things you should consider when looking for a nursery, such as:

Opening hours – does the nursery have any specific opening hours? Do these work around your schedule?

Staff – do they have the necessary training? Are they competent with first aid?

Activities that are available throughout the nursery day – will your child be kept engaged during the day?

Choosing the right nursery is also incredibly important for your child’s development during these critical early stages of their lives. A good nursery will help a young child to blossom, making sure they are kept mentally engaged and given ample opportunity for both learning and fun.

Do you need more information on how you can find the perfect nursery for your child? Then this infographic from Wandsworth preschool is perfect for you. Featuring information from a leading nursery, you’ll be able to find the perfect nursery for your child without the stress.


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