Best Scenic Drives in the UK

Best Scenic Drives in the UK

If there is something I appreciate most when travelling by car in the UK, is being able to check the scenic views from passage seat of my car. As I live in the Midlands, it’s quite easy to pick a perfect road trip journey sometimes.

I do confess that the narrow and picturesque country lines in the country are the most relaxing routes to join. However, driving by sea is also an unique experience.

From Scotland and its highlands to the Moors and Cornish landscapes – there is always a beautiful drive to appreciate, explore and make the most of the UK best drives.

My favourite ones include driving through Dartmoor National Park in Devon. If the weather doesn’t help, it can be moody and bleak. Something that adds to the atmosphere. But if the sun is shining, the greenish landscape, hills and valleys make your journey enjoyable and impressive.

Passing through the Anglo-Scottish border in Northumberland was another unforgettable road trip to me. I still can remember how desolate and quiet it was. I also have good memories of  having the company of sheep on the pavement and sometimes, literally, on the road. What is overwhelming.

Another Northumberland gem – the roads that leads us to the Kielder Forest are also amazing.Remarkable landscapes will definitely put you in the mood for a holiday in the wilderness.

As a travel blogger myself, I like keeping track of every single road trip I take to share on my blog. I’m glad to share now an infographic with some of the #BloggersBestDrives picks as well.

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