Best Sport Travel Tours Around the World

Best Sport Travel Tours Around the World

Sport aficionados can make the most of their passion joining sport related tours all over the globe nowadays.

Many companies are specialised in providing special travel package for the best sporting events from the UK to many different travel destinations.

It doesn’t matter if your thing is the Super Bowl, Formula 1 or a Grand Slam – a quick browse on google will take you to the best deals on tickets and tours. Thinking about this, I have picked some important sporting events to join in the following five years.


2019 Grand Prix of Formula 1 – Singapore

As a Brazilian citizen, I started to admire Formula 1 and support Ayrton Senna when I was quite young. I understand the popularity of this classy sport around the world. Some iconic grand Prix such as Monaco, Monza and Singapore can be an excellent destination for those fans of the fast race cars.

Some packages also include the tour host in Singapore and the Driver Track Parade.

Photo by Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels

2019 – World Rugby Seven Series in Dubai

Fans of Rugby in the UK can prepare themselves to support the English team abroad, in one of its most prestigious events of this sport next year. The exquisite city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is one of the host cities. One of the most popular packages is The Lions Rugby Tours.

The tournament will be held in December this year, includes return flight, accommodation at a B&B of your choice, travel insurance and admission seats to the Dubai Sevens.

Be prepared to visit the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa and relax in the gold sands of the Arabian gulf.


Australian Open 2020

Are you a big fan of tennis? It must be your chance to watch a Grand Slam in person. Start planning your trip to Australia now to see top-notch players such as Roger Federer, Nadal and Djokovic in the famous Melbourne’s court. Besides the tickets to the tournament, you can also join the arts, food, music and vibrant vibe that Melbourne offers to the tourists. Aussies love sports and this is the unique opportunity to join one of the most important events on tennis.


2020 Super Bowl 54 – Miami, USA

American football is something that fascinates me and the Super Bowl itself is a unique experience. Next year, the event will be held in Miami, Florida. The Super Bowl tour package can include even spa sessions, pre-game parties, among other treats.

2022 – World Cup in Qatar

Imagine experiencing the World Cup in full visiting a country that has magnificent beaches, impressive architecture and stunning landscapes. This is what Qatar will offer to football fans from all over the world. To make things smooth, some companies are already organising package tours to the World Cup’s host. The whole experience also includes staying in exclusive hotels in Doha.

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