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Every child is unique, which means some children will find their voice sooner than others. Often, babies will master one skill first: talking or walking. There’s no need to be alarmed if your child can move independently before being able to talk properly; this is just part of growing up and every child tackles it in their own way!

Usually, a child’s way of communicating with you will mostly consist of mindless babbling that doesn’t make all that much sense. However, remember to still talk back to them as this can encourage their speaking development!

There’s a number of things you can do to help them gain a better understanding of language. For example, using hand movements and gestures with certain words. This can help them to remember certain tones and meanings of words.

Soon, they’ll develop better conversation and language skills and as they develop, they’ll learn new and important communication skills such as new words and how to convey emotion through speech. A lot of this development occurs during their time in nursery and at home.

Are you interested to learn more about a child’s talking timeline and how they slowly develop the ability to talk over time? Check out this infographic from the Crouch End Preschool!

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