8 Best Travel Resources You Will Ever Need

Having a few travel resources you can generally depend on is priceless when you are constantly on the road. There is a great deal of research and planning that must be done previously before a journey.

Looking through travel accessories and booking sites can be quite exhausting, however, you can unlock tips and tricks that can help make your experience much better and cheaper.

Regardless of whether it’s verifying the best flight bargains, arranging train and transport adventures that spread to the more offbeat destinations, these travel resources in this article will be your standard go-to hubs for arranging and booking everything that is required for an extraordinary journey.

Accommodation: Hotels and couch surfing

Airbnb is among the best things to happen to travel in recent times. Not only do you get the experience of living like locals, but you also save a lot. The pricing beats hotels almost always, particularly if you are a gathering of more than 2 people.

For choosing hotels, your best bet would be TripAdvisor, This website takes the reliable hotel reviews they’ve gathered throughout the years and showcases them with results from an immense number of booking destinations like Expedia and Booking.com.

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Vehicle rental

In case you’re hoping to lease an RV, Outdoorsy is the best alternative. A standard RV rental organisation can charge thousands in day-by-day rates, mileage, and additional items, however Outdoorsy is the Airbnb of RV rentals, giving you a chance to lease RVs specifically from the proprietors at a small amount of the cost.

If you are a biker, fret not. There are plenty of international motorcycle rental services that are available across the globe, Bikesbooking.com is a reliable aggregator which has a presence in approximately 1700 destinations across more than 65 countries.

Our recommendation is to rent the Suzuki drz400, which has a 398 cc engine and is suitable for the roughest of terrains, making it perfect for an adventure.

If you are a motorbike lover, the first thing to plan is the destination of your trip. If you have not yet done any long-term motorcycle route, the logical thing is that you make this first long trip within our country. It is important to organize the luggage in advance, thinking in detail about everything we may need. We recommend that it be light and well fastened to avoid losing it or causing accidents.

And of course, think in advance when choosing motorcycle insurance that can cover you against any damage you can have on the roads.

Booking tickets

Airtreks is an innovator in around-the-world tickets. Their booking engine is so efficient that it will enable you to build itineraries utilising flights across various airlines so you can sort out the best and cheapest arrangements.

Their staff is amazing and is very proficient at their job.

Skyscanner is also an incredible option which looks through various airlines, including a large number of the budget areas that the bigger booking sites generally tend to overlook.

Booking various tours

One of the most beloved walking tour organisations, Context offers historical, culinary, and social visits to various destinations on the planet, with a claim to fame in Europe.

This organisation regularly gets experts, for example, a gourmet expert to lead a culinary tour, which is the reason this platform is a top pick for many.

Vayable is also another option that many appreciate since it enables them to encounter special, unique, and intriguing visits that greater tour providers probably won’t run, like an exploration of street art in LA. Besides, the groups will, in general, be exceptionally small, making for an increasingly cosy affair.

Food and drinks

Eatwith is a revolutionary site that enables you to eat home-prepared supper with people across the world. Potential local hosts offer invitations to suppers and special dinners that you can accept. There isn’t a fixed price as it depends on the host, but it helps you enjoy sumptuous meals and also make new friends in the process.

For drinks, a reliable choice on the road would be the Totts Champagne, which is a mostly sweet, sparkling wine that is a perfect companion for most dinners. For whiskey enthusiasts, a must-have would be the crown royal reserve, an amazingly balanced drink which leaves a great taste in the mouth.

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When you don’t have to move around much, a suitcase is often most convenient. You can gently push it on wheels, and organise most of your stuff in compartments. A smart choice for a short, business journey. Recommended brands are SwissGear and Samsonite.

You should generally have a backpack for carrying your camera, water bottles, jackets etc. It is worth investing in a durable backpack to keep your assets safe. Nike backpacks generally fulfil their purpose. If you are travelling by car, make sure you have a roof basket installed to carry all the extra luggage with ease.

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Planning your trip

Planning a journey yourself helps you save a lot of money. You’ll additionally keep yourself safe from tourist traps and have a much more genuine experience.

A Lonely Planet travel book is generally a perfect starter guide, helping you educate yourself on the best lesser-known attractions, climbs, and that’s only the beginning. It can be accessed both digitally and in print.

Travel Insurance

Flights can be delayed, luggage can be lost, and items or important documents can be stolen. In case your current provider does not cover that, it would be worth investing in additional insurance.

Accidents can happen at any time. World Nomads is a globally renowned travel insurance provider, available in over 150 countries.

It’s very adaptable, enabling you to buy insurance even after you’ve started travelling, or lengthen the coverage period if you choose to travel longer. It generally covers the most extreme things, such as adventure sports, and claims can be made online seamlessly.

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