5 Best Safety Tips for Female Travellers

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It has been long established that the world is a little bit more difficult to survive in and a little less safe to live in for women and this has forced them to always be on the sidelines. But there’s no reason why they still should.

So whether it be travelling, writing, developing cool innovations, cooking, whatever your passion is, you ought to go out there and do your thing and ensure your well-being. Travelling is an art for the ones who can appreciate it. And this fact remains irrespective of gender, age, caste or colour.

So we present to you the 5 best tips for solo women travellers to ensure their safety and an adventure at the same time!

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  1. Choose the right place

This is evidently the most crucial decision of the trip as the whole trip depends on it. Even though it is possible for women to go on whichever type of vacation they want and wherever they want, it is also very important to research beforehand and make the correct decision.

Look for a place’s safety index for women, help centres in public places, reachability, standard reviews of places to stay etc.

Here is a list of some of the safest places for women to travel solo:

  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Columbia
  • Switzerland
  • Australia

And the list goes on but the trick is to inquire and read as much as you can and don’t forget to find out about all the fun activities you can do in each place as well!

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  1. Always be aware

 This is a good tip in general for everyone but especially if you’re a woman travelling alone. Don’t get lost using your phone or in talking to a stranger too much. Look around your surroundings, get acquainted, make note of a few faces for familiarity and try to see if there are any help desks.

It is also advised not to trust people too easily. If you’re with a large group and/or tour guide, try to stay with them.

There are often various lurkers and creeps around so be especially careful about where you go and trust your gut if it says to stay away from someplace/someone.

Even while going to a restaurant or club, limit your drinking so as to remain in control of your senses.

But this doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid either. Try to enjoy the place, get a map, explore local cafes and delicacies, rent a KTM motorcycles, indulge in adventure activities like scuba diving, sky diving, dirt biking, etc., but just remember to be alert and stay away from anything suspicious.

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  1. Pack smart

 Even though it is always advisable to pack light, for a solo trip or for exploring a new place, you might want to rethink that one a little. Try to get to know about the climate, standard living conditions, things available before you visit a place.

For instance, if there is a certain medication or lady product you take/use, just try to see if it will be available there and if not, pack enough of it without fail.

If you are driving and taking a road trip, equip your vehicle for all the luggage and/or things you might buy there and one way to do that is installing a hilux roof rack.

Make a list of all your valuables so that you can check them off while returning to make sure nothing’s lost.


  1. An extra stash of cash

 A trip or good vacation is going to be heavy on your pockets and that’s no secret, especially if you’re a woman travelling alone as you will be spending extra on your safety. But don’t hesitate with this factor, you can always try finding cheaper places to eat or shop but don’t compromise with the place you’ll be staying in, the locality and the travel.

You can read articles or blogs by other travellers about a place to get an idea of the cost of living, this will be quite helpful in making a budget estimate.

Finalise a budget and then spend smartly. A few good tips would be not to spend impulsively and have separate stashes for food, shopping, travel, tickets etc., trying not to get tricked by local sellers or guides and always carry some extra cash outside of your budget.


  1. Keep contacts

 Going to a new place all by yourself can be quite intimidating and not just for you but for your loved ones. Make sure you give them an itinerary of the whole journey and the details of where you’ll be staying, the group manager if any etc.

Also, write all their numbers and addresses down in a small notebook in case your phone battery dies and you have to contact them and as they say anyway, the paper never goes out of style.

Storing all information digitally is a great way to keep your data but also make sure you have a tangible back up. Also, keep regularly informing them about your whereabouts.

Apart from this, having contact numbers of important services in the place you’re going to is a great idea, such as the contact of local police authorities, tourist help centres, certified guides, reliable car parts/bike parts dealers or mechanics etc.

So long story short, there is absolutely no reason why a female traveller shouldn’t set out on adventures and even fly solo. In fact, there are a lot of ways to help her or yourself. So gather a little courage, do your research, use your instincts and spatial awareness and follow these basic steps and you will be good to go on your first or next voyage.

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