5 Spa Treatments to Try This Summer

We’re quite spoiled when talking about spa retreats in the UK. The truth is that Summer is already here and the weather is a bit of…unpredictable at this moment.

So, instead of facing the element at a beach resort, why not choosing heading to a Spa treatment locally or somewhere over the rainbow?

You would be surprised with what those retreats have to offer nowadays. But it is true that people shouldn’t use the spa in the Summer?


Mindfulness & Mediation  

After all, it’s not just your body that needs a break. It works for your mind and soul too. Why not picking a treatment that will not only offers fitness and health advice but also increase your inner-peace?

I’d love the idea of spending time in a gorgeous spot abroad where I can also join workshops ad talks to improve my confidence in personal relationship and career goals, wouldn’t you?



This is a classic one! Spas in general offer not only aromatherapy but also salt inhalation and hydrotherapy rooms for a better sauna experience. The good news is that you don’t need to go far away to find this kind of spa treatment.

There are some companies out there, providing  the whole experience at your home. The Insignia Steam Showers are good examples of  how popular is the aromatherapy in the UK.



Every hair-free treatment is always welcome! Using natural ingredients as honey, lemon and hot water makes Sugarin the less irritating removing body hair treatment. It’s perfect for people with sensitive skin.

It’s also a great alternative to stick wax products because you just need to rub the product off your skin easily. It’s a match!


Body Wrap

That’s definitely the kind of treatment that would take me to a Spa this summer. Also known as “body mask”, the body wrap is not only helps in the healthy appearance, but it’s also a perfect treatment for reduce body measurements.

It consists in using seaweeds, algae, mud or clay to detox the body that will help to eliminate the toxins of your skin, helping in a better exfoliation too. Plus, it’s an excellent way of relaxing.


Manicure & Pedicure

It’s still a fact that when summer comes, you will put fingertips and toes to shine. Nothing better than finding a perfect treatment to make this magic happens. Besides, if you are treating yourself with a spa day, manicure and pedicure will be just the cherry on the cake, isn’t it?

Cover Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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